Bel's Critical Mass SOG

Thank you!

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By the way, they say can be sprayed in full sunlight but I take mine out of the tent and spray in a shady area and leave it for 15 minutes then back to the tent under fully dimmed light for another hour then back to full light. Spraying in the tent would make a mess.

It doesn’t have alcohol so it doesn’t kill eggs, they say you can add alcohol to it (measurement in Q&A) but I would just spray every 2 days for 6 days at max strength.

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In my experience spinosad is best for flowering plants. Less important if plants are in veg, neem oil or others would be alright too.

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Plants are still in veg.

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Peppermint oil works as well, and lady bugs, nothing like the look on your significant others face when you release a few thousand inside the house :wink:



Just ordered some. And some Spinosad, and some other stuff. Lol.



A cheap way to use spinoza is to buy soap nuts… you soak a few of them in a quart mason jar, let it set for about 3-4 days, then dilute it 1:4 with water and spray. You can use the soap nuts for laundry soap too!! I buy them on Amazon


Hey young lady, hope your grow is still doing well and you’ve gotten a grip on yer “bug” problem too. :grinning: Do you have any pic updates so we can admire the grow tent ladies?
Look forward to the updates in the garden of mystical, magical, and mystery! :v: :wink:

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Hiya @Chebamang


(Thank you for asking!)

Here are some pix from a few days ago, when I first discovered the mitey little culprits, and then a couple of photos I just took today, after watering, trimming (a lot) and spraying with Lost Coast right before lights out. (Using the rest of what I have left until my Spinosad arrives, spraying about every other day.) Still need to straighten up the tent better and I’ll take some more photos when it’s all properly cleaned out and disinfected.

I am still noticing some tiny webs and some mites here and there, but I am keeping after them pretty diligently, removing them when I see them, and the ladybugs and spray are on the way! (As well as some new Jack’s nutes. Yayyyyyyy.)


And after, just this morning…

I want them to survive!

And another project I’ve been up to in the edibles world… a Rainbow of gummies! (Pretty strong ones, at that!) I’m planning to document all of my edibles recipes with photos as well, and share those in a new thread. Pretty excited about these.

Hoping to check out your grow when I have some reading time this evening… hope yours are growing well too!!!


Thank you! I’ll look into that!

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Oh, and I’ve since repotted everything into one gallon fabric pots (those terra cotta pots were a baaaad idea, btw) and I put the largest plant in a seven gallon pot. Lol. (I’m trying to grow a Yule tree with that one, maybe.)

But yeah! Things are going well, except for the mite issue, which I fully plan to conquer.

My largest plant…

Also… have been talking at length with the fine folks at Jack’s, who have recommended that I send them in a water sample (we have well water) so that they can tailor my nutes to my grows, in the future. (For now, until I can do that, I’m sticking with the 321 regimen. Seems to have worked nicely for the last grow.)




I wouldn’t let them talk you into buying a whole bunch of other products, especially if you are pretty happy with previous results.

Let me know if you need anyone to sample the gummies :laughing:


The ladies look great and those gummies look very yummy mam


Your ladies are looking okay. But I do believe they need more nitrogen and other nutes pretty soon. You’re in coco and from the pics they are looking dry to me. I’m thinking you may need to bump up the watering/nute frequency. That’s just MHO for now. Will see if @AfgVet can assist as she’s knowledgable on using coco. There are few more growmies here that I can’t recall at the moment. I have CRS sometimes when I’m nicely medicated. :relaxed:

I hope you get the bug problem squashed and can get them looking ready for flower. I’m not much help on bugs other than a few gnats here and there. Knock on wood I don’t have one in the near future. :crossed_fingers:

Those edibles sure look tasty and can bet they’re nice and strong. Hope they’re working out for what ails you. Not long ago, I used some already vaped herb and infused it in coconut oil. Made a pan of brownies with the oil and they came out pretty damn good all the way around. I was a bit suprised of the potency. It took over an hour before it kicked in but stayed several hours later. :+1:

edit - Okay I can at least help ya tag a few more that can help verify the nute problem with your gals. @Woodrow @MattyBear @Mark0427 @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Spiney_norman @Allinherhead @Sincitytoker



Thank you for the tag
What type of medium are you using?
Looks like there is a little discoloring here and there what type of nutrients are you using?
Sounds like the folks above have you covered on your mites situation :point_up:


After scrolling up a bit and reading @dbrn32 has you covered and will get your ladies back on track I think once you get your mites situation under control your plants should look a little happier.


@Sincitytoker Sorry but the tag wasn’t for me. I was trying to get a bit more advice for @Beltana and the grow she’s got going. I did a search for coco growers and found a few threads you’d replied on so the rest is history. The OP’s the one that needs assistance and hope you can help verify some issues. :v:


Come on out! I’ve got bags full. Lol. :grin:


@ChebaMang I believe you are correct. There’s a lot of yellowing in there, mostly on the lower leaves. Been watering about every other day, or every third day. Some of the plants seem to need to be watered before others, so I’ve been experimenting with that, too.

@Sincitytoker I started out with some Fox Farms Happy Frog for the seedlings. Transplanted from the cups into coco/perlite (70/30) from Fox Farms. Transplanted them again to the 1 gallons with more of the same (coco).

I’ve been using Fox Farms Grow Big for now, but I do have the last part of the of Jack’s coming via the “Big Blue Van” tomorrow, (or sometimes Amazon uses U-haul trucks out here in the stixx, heh) which is what I need to replenish my 321 trio. (I didn’t know I was going to be running out so soon!) Also my Spinosad should be here, too. :+1:

The Ladybugs will take a few more days. :beetle::beetle::beetle:

And yeah, @dbrn32 I know you’re probably right. I don’t need to be spending a bunch of $$$ on water testing and things I don’t really need right now. I’ll stick with the Jack’s, (yeah?) which I’ll switch to tomorrow, and then if I have any other nute-looking issues in a few days or so, I’ll holler for more help asap. Was just using what I had here to start with, but it obviously just isn’t enough at this point. (Should have learned that lesson from last time, I know… but now It’s being presented again, so lesson learned, and I’m trying to stay ahead of it as best as I can.) I’m not sure what else I might need besides the Jack’s. I’ve heard you guys praising the Tribus a lot. Any suggestions welcomed.

They are wonderful! And yes, they help my nerve pain a lot! Brownies sound freaking awesome right now. I’ve done some of those and lots of cookies, but I want to learn a whole slew of new things, too, and eventually even learn how to make my own vape juice (if that’s possible! Anything is possible, right?) and some tincture and FECO and things. So much out there to learn!


Thank you! They are yummy, indeed!