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@Sincitytoker Sorry but the tag wasn’t for me. I was trying to get a bit more advice for @Beltana and the grow she’s got going. I did a search for coco growers and found a few threads you’d replied on so the rest is history. The OP’s the one that needs assistance and hope you can help verify some issues. :v:


Come on out! I’ve got bags full. Lol. :grin:


@ChebaMang I believe you are correct. There’s a lot of yellowing in there, mostly on the lower leaves. Been watering about every other day, or every third day. Some of the plants seem to need to be watered before others, so I’ve been experimenting with that, too.

@Sincitytoker I started out with some Fox Farms Happy Frog for the seedlings. Transplanted from the cups into coco/perlite (70/30) from Fox Farms. Transplanted them again to the 1 gallons with more of the same (coco).

I’ve been using Fox Farms Grow Big for now, but I do have the last part of the of Jack’s coming via the “Big Blue Van” tomorrow, (or sometimes Amazon uses U-haul trucks out here in the stixx, heh) which is what I need to replenish my 321 trio. (I didn’t know I was going to be running out so soon!) Also my Spinosad should be here, too. :+1:

The Ladybugs will take a few more days. :lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle:

And yeah, @dbrn32 I know you’re probably right. I don’t need to be spending a bunch of $$$ on water testing and things I don’t really need right now. I’ll stick with the Jack’s, (yeah?) which I’ll switch to tomorrow, and then if I have any other nute-looking issues in a few days or so, I’ll holler for more help asap. Was just using what I had here to start with, but it obviously just isn’t enough at this point. (Should have learned that lesson from last time, I know… but now It’s being presented again, so lesson learned, and I’m trying to stay ahead of it as best as I can.) I’m not sure what else I might need besides the Jack’s. I’ve heard you guys praising the Tribus a lot. Any suggestions welcomed.

They are wonderful! And yes, they help my nerve pain a lot! Brownies sound freaking awesome right now. I’ve done some of those and lots of cookies, but I want to learn a whole slew of new things, too, and eventually even learn how to make my own vape juice (if that’s possible! Anything is possible, right?) and some tincture and FECO and things. So much out there to learn!


Thank you! They are yummy, indeed!


You’re feeding coco to runoff daily? If not, once you get the jacks that’s what I would do.


Here is my concentrates and food journal along with Blackthumbbetty’s… for some recipes


I’ve never watered daily, (seemed like overkill?) but I’ll definitely try that now! And yep, I always water until there’s some decent runoff. Seem to be filling up more and more jugs as I grow. Thankfully, I got a brand new shop sink installed upstairs here, so that will at least be easier for me. Whew.

Ready and armed today, with my Jack’s and the Spinosad. Will do the watering/feeding/trimming (sigh, always seem to be trimming bad leaves) first, then I plan to spray with this fine formula thoroughly tonight at lights out.

(By the way… How often have you used it, at what intervals, and how long would you wait until the next application? The instructions were rather sparse with any info related to cannabis plants. I read the Amazon reviews though, and it seems like it works pretty darn well for Marijuana growers. :+1:)

((Watch out spider mites. I’m comin’ for yeh. OhYeah.))

Found some interesting facts about how Spinosad was “discovered,” here: (while researching to make sure it’s safe for my eventual ladybugs).

It was apparently discovered in a rum distillery by a scientist! :wink: Hahaha. :tumbler_glass:

A Warm and Fuzzy Insecticide Piece Part 1


(Oh, and if that link is not allowed, please lemme know, and I can remove it?)

Thanks so much!

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Thank you so much!

Yep, I’ve read some of both of your threads… and I’ll put them both on my reading list for today so I can look at them more closely. Always looking for new ways to make edibles and concoctions in my witchy kitchen. Lol. :mage:

Much appreciated!!!

What is your fave method of delivery and infusion?


  • Bel :heart:

Coco doesn’t behave properly if allowed to dry out, and it’s mechanical properties drive it to shed water quickly. That’s why i suggest to feed mature plants daily. It may be the reason you are losing leaves and will hopefully slow that down.

If I spray anything on my plants I try to do at or around lights out.


I solely make a wax/dab from QWET. It melts easily into anything and if I don’t decatb first hubby can use his Seahorse attached to his bong for smoking


I know its been answered but I want to add a why coco needs to be watered daily. Or even more often.
This is a close up of what plant roots look like.

Those tiny hairs are what uptake food and water to your plant. If allowed to dry those hairs dry up and die very quickly. Once enough moisture is present the plant must regrow those superfine hairs to get food again.
So when the coco dries out too much the ability of the root system to bring sufficient food to the plant is hindered and it looks like a nutrient deficiency but in reality is a root problem.
The structure of coco allows it breath and hold lots of oxygen in pockets and gaps between the fibers. It works against you if not kept wet as those gaps where those tiny hairs are are now too dry for those hairs to live and they curl up and die.
In a one gallon fabric pot you may have to water twice a day at peak growing time. Good news is coco can be watered a lot without issues. Because it drains so well the roots have lots of air and dont drown.

actual cannabis root


Well that explains a lot, and thank you for the descriptive info, @Spiney_norman ! I guess I hadn’t thought of the medium that way… that is really not “soil,” but something else entirely.

Just watered like crazy this morning… looking a little bit better the last couple of days after trimming, spraying and now watering more often. (Things are looking a bit untidy in my tent right now, my apologies. Scrambling to get packed.

Going on vacation this weekend to an Ozarks lakeside resort with my sister and a friend (yesssss!!!) so I’m leaving my ladies in the hands of my reliable helpers for a couple of days. Got the feed all mixed up for them, and boy… am I ready for this.

Hot tub and massages, here we come! Woo Hoooooo!

(We need it!)

Will check in maybe a couple of times while I’m away, just to get some ILGM reading in. (Also bringing a couple of good books that I have been meaning to read.) I will check in again when I get back!

Thank you all so much, you have always been such a helpful and knowledgeable group of folks.

Peace out, and see you all after a nice long weekend of bliss! :grin::blush::v::love_you_gesture: Ohhhhh.Yeah.


I’ve read a little about the QWET… must try that when I get back home! Thank you! :hugs:


They’re looking happy now!!

Enjoy your getaway!


@Beltana Mercy! The gals have bounced back and are looking much better than last 4 days ago. Looks like you’ve gotten some great advice too and are putting it to use. Those babies are responding very well. :love_you_gesture: Enjoy that weekend of bliss! :v:


I agree, looks like you’re in good shape. Enjoy your vacation


Its beautiful right now with the fall colors
I m in between Table Rock and Stockton lakes.


Enjoy your rest and relaxation trip!!!

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Thank you all! Had a WONDERFUL vacation, very relaxing. The marina was gorgeous at night at the Lake of the Ozarks (Camden on the Lake) and here are a couple of photos of the lake from the view from our room.


The Ladybugs are in place, and the plants are looking much better! Going to water the plants, trim a little bit (they look like they don’t need much this time!) soak some raisins for the ladyfellows, and and will take some updated pix of the plants soon. I think I’m about ready to switch the light cycle… I think the plants are getting to that point. Time to black out my windows again. (Oh yeah.)

MUCH healthier now. :heart: