Believe these are starting to pre flower/ stretch last picture plant smells DANK

All are in between 2.5-3.5 inches tall, using a Bloomspect 1000w, used 2 15w fluorescent lights up to 3 weeks. 12/12 lighting from seed. Every other feeding starting two weeks ago giving root simulator feed. Gave slightly lowered feed of calmag today. Growing in 1/1/1 peat moss, perlite, vermiculite. Soil ph 6.5 Temps around 72-76. Been a struggle with humidity while I’m at work shopping to 35-40 but when I’m not at 50-60

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Welcome mate she’s just not mature enough yet to stretch you’ll see clusters of pistils at new leaf sites before you get a crazy big stretch look at the left most plant (that’s my Jack herer it’s the best example I have)

Ah I see, I’m constricted on time now learning recently we’re moving in December/ January and wanted to get these to harvest ASAP. 3rd grow but 1st successful xD. Took a while to get my watering down and first grow used terrible hot soil that compacted and took it all down.

To start now and expect to be finished by dec jan is unlikely. Even if u start a plant at 12 12 from get go it is still gonna be over 3 months before harvest any sooner and u might as well just smoke some oregano or some parsley flakes lol. @Covertgrower @CoyoteCody @Bulldognuts @kaptain3d what u think can he get one before or around his timeline.


Probably 3 to 5 weeks of veg left at minimum and then another 8 to 10+ weeks of flower. These are not auto or anything? I would keep them in veg until the move and then move them and flip them to flower.


I’m not experienced enough to give definitive opinion. IMO you should have went 18/6 on lights and flipped to 12/12 at 4 weeks. When you have a time line that tight you would want to get as much veg growth as quickly as possible.

They’re bag seed, not anywhere close i can get seeds Sadly and mailing is very strict in my state currently i guess because anything i did try just would not go. I did buy a couple things on Amazon to get a better set up; i’m currently in a closet, boiling water from my stove for humidity lol. But today I have arriving a vivosun 4 inch 195 cfm induct, with a variable controller for it, And i think my digital ph and ppm reader. Monday I have a 2x2x4 viparspectre grow tent, and a vivosun 4 inch carbon filter. Is my Bloomspect 1000w worth a Damm or should that be looked to replaced asap

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This light is affectionately known on forum as a Amazon blurple. These lights are very deceptive in the way they are marketed. It’s not a 1000w light. It actually only draws 180w from the wall and part of that is going to run the fan. It will actually do OK for one plant during veg but it doesn’t have the power to produce dense buds during flower. Don’t feel bad about starting out with this light,many beginners fall for the deception of blurples, myself included. If you are interested in upgrading you can get great advice here from experienced growers who only want to help and not mislead you into wasting money.

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Photos around 4 months
Autos around 3

Seed to smoke. Thats with 1 month cure time included. And one month veg.

You can always veg shorter or longer. Just changes your yeilds.

This means you could have a lot longer flowering time than expected.

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My photo plants finish about the same time as if you grew 18/6 then finally flip to 12/12 and I don’t have a real Veg cycle at all.


Lol and to be confusing there are 12 to 14 week flowering strains. Thats when you have to start watching the girl’s trikes at the 8 week period and see how long you have left.


Slowly getting everything together lol I found a 2 ft plant in my back yard 6 months ago that ended up being the reason I got in to all of this, established itself right beside my outside ac unit. I have like 40 bag seeds that I plan on messing with until I can find another friend that has access to autos, guess it’s better then wasting quality!

I’ve grown many bags seeds. Don’t second guess them. Sometimes they are phenomenal.

The one in the third picture my wife has very high hopes for, it’s node spacing is like 1/4 a inch currently if that. Believe we got it from a bag of green Crack and it smelling already made me think the 12/12 from seed made it skip veg xD

They look great.

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About to put the girls up and saw this, are those pistils? I did give this one 24 hours of darkness the night before last.

Looking into a new light as well to replace this trash bloomspect.

Would this be enough for a 2x2x4 tent? @Slym3r

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Yes very well. You can veg with a footprint of 3x3, flower footprint would be 2x2.

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