Believe me, if I can keep them alive you can too!

It’s been twenty years I vaguely remember some misting and I used perlite wicking water in a little tubberware in the tub…I used a coleman lantern for light lol. When I started crumbling the cakes and letting the cakes colonize cooked cow shit before fruiting is when they got crazy good. Whole thing blew up around that time. I’m not going crazy this time. Just gonna fruit the cakes


:gorilla: :cookie: Day five. Second node coming in strong. Happy healthy little girl, love to see it. Didn’t stretch last night. Weird, but I’ll take it.

Day five part two. Definitely grown noticeably since the picture this morning. Lights out

This plants a little beast.


I got the itch…and a bunch of auto seeds I don’t want. Meet bomb seeds - big bomb and barney’s farm - critical orange punch

I’m wondering how careful and precise people are with seed treatment. I rinse out whatever jar I find first with tap water. Pour two-three inches of tap water. Toss in the seed. Pop on the lid. Shake vigorously for twenty seconds or so, make sure I see the seed submerge real good and have to pop back up to the surface. Then I place them under the bathroom sink in the dark…I think it’s dark. I haven’t gotten in there to check :joy:. It occurs to me right now I could just throw a flashlight in there and close it to check but whatever I don’t even care it works just fine as is. I think I’m somewhere around 28-30 sprout rate. I lost track to be honest. I will then check on them every four hours or so and repeat the shake test until they don’t pop back up. Then they go into paper towels until seed cracks then into the dirt. Easy peasy.

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Day six

Big bomb and critical orange punch sunk when shook this morning. They are in paper towels.

I’m flushing gsc…see if that persuades her to start finishing up.

Future # 1 just starting to get some purple. Very frosty smells dank. Super dense. Gonna get me some more anesia genetics.

Gorilla zkit - seven days since stem split. Three more days max. Could get chopped today.

And banana blaze. Definitely the most promising auto yet. Smells like dank weed instead of fruity bleh. Im not hating on fruity smelling weed. But I’m finding there’s fruity bleh and fruity dank. Trade terms I promise.

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Turns out I was criminally underfeeding the coco girls in the one gallons. They grew a lot since the correction two days ago. One has slight n toxicity, woops.

Even if under optimal conditions plant and root growth is increased, I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle compared to the set it and forget it with tap water and dirt. I could just veg another week to compensate. I haven’t seen any fungus gnats in the coco ever though so that’s a plus in it’s favor I guess.

Decided to throw gorilla zkittlez in the dark for 48 hours before I chop this time. Had to empty the veg tent to make this work. They are going to live in the tub for awhile :joy:. Potted up strawberry amnesia into a five gallon. I have a good feeling about the plant :wink:. She’s got a thing about her.


The two new autos popped over night. Critical orange punch and big bomb. into the dirt they go. Top two three inches will be watered and tossed to evenly distribute that moisture. Make 1/4" hole with pen or whatever I find. Pop seed in tail down. Sprinkle dirt on the hole. I will thoroughly mist the top layer whenever it starts to dry out on the surface. First water poured into pot after seed put in will be two three days into plants life. Smallish amount in circle around the sprout. None of the watering amounts are measured. I just have a feel for what works for me and precision not required here. Plenty of dryish dirt below to suck away any “excess” wetness.

Got a little more aggressive with gsc x jh. I dug around in her roots, ripping a good couple inches of the top ones apart. Then I split her stem. I was doing my best rat impression here. If she doesn’t get the message to finish up now then she just gets chopped. I’m getting tired of that plant taking up so much of my space :rage:. A constant reminder of my mistakes as well. Just laughing out me with all those brown leaves that won’t come off :rofl:. I ripped one out the other day despite it’s stubbornness and sure as shit they are still alive at the base…been brown for weeks.

B plus spores arrive today!

Day seven

@Se7en little cherry bomb almost done just waiting on a hint of amber. Smells good and looks cool glad I didn’t kill it even though it’s gonna give me like ten grams.

Last feed I think for f#1

Love the smell of this plant and talking about dense nugs…this thing sets the standard. No give at all to those things.

White widow still green. Phing on feed days just throwing the cal mag in on water days.

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Alright ripped open the veg tent and had her chopped within five seconds of light hitting it…did this right?

The real question…how do I turn this thing into a new plant…just treat it like a clone? Do I leave all the flower on? @Covertgrower @Joshmcginnis28 sounds like you have read up on this before Josh.

The harvest: two ounces or so. Looks like fire I’m excited. Please people peroxide wash your buds. The oily stuff that comes off pretty gross.

I’ll take some final bud shots of it after it fan dries.

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Was that in flower already ? And yup I left it with bud starting and just treated like a fresh clipping when I flowered my buddies outdoor clipping. it was like 2 weeks maybe tiny bit longer into flower. Took FOREVER it seemed to root and reveg tho.


Yeah it was a lower shoot that never took off fully, fresh off the harvested plant. Dipped it in honey then into water. Just like I do with my clones

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I’d possibly cut it into a few segment. Don’t need a ton of leaf to make it take off. I did it with like 10 cuttings and only the 1 took off well for reveg where I gave up on others bc had gotten some seeds. The one that took off was smallest button of group too . But it does take super long. I just did a clone other day. Took 6 days. The reveg clone took like 20 dang days I think.

Let’s see what @Covertgrower says before u hack it into sections.


Haha worst case is I dry it with the rest and smoke it :wink:. Nothing to lose here

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I’ll leave it like it is in the water for now. Thanks!

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You can try it, but usually clones are taken within the 2nd to 3rd week of flowering. Not at the end. The harder the stems are, the harder it is to get roots out of them.

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Aiming for a 7 day dry, minimum, this time. Dry trim. No exhaust fan running. Two little clip ons for air movement. Not aimed at the buds.

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Crit orange punch and big bomb popped up today. Gorilla cookies looking great. Two helmet heads on the new girls, surprise! They are softening up to be removed as I type this.