Believe me, if I can keep them alive you can too!

So I grew one plant about a year ago as my first grow “attempt.” I found a seed in a bag, threw it under a 105 watt blurple (which I turned on and off randomly whenever I thought about it or happened to go into my closet), and called it a day. When it started to flower I turned off the veg switch and ran it only under the bloom, lol. So it prob had about 25-30 watts on it. It just stopped growing at some point and I got like 5 grams of weak bud off of it. I remember thinking damn bad seed :joy:. Oddly enough those buds had the most AMAZING fruity smell…oh what could have been!

About two months ago I decided I was done buying okay weed for way too much money. Told my wife I was going to start a grow, she reminded me how bad I sucked last time, and I assured her things would be different this time around. Despite my assurances I jumped back in without doing any research.

  • Granddaddy purp, purp haze, purple kush, critical bilbo, and gelato from homegrown organics co. WW from growers choice. G 13 and girl scout cookies x jack herer from i49.

  • Method: pro mix potting mix from walmart. the two cubic foot rectangle cheap ass red pack lol.

  • Vessels: 5 gallon fabric pots

  • TDS / PH meters get here Thursday. I have been phing water going in to 6-6.5 ish since about the one - week mark. I’m using the color chart on the indicator testing liquid as my guide.

  • Dunno

  • Indoor

  • Well I started with 4 105 watt blurples. Figured two plants under each one would be okay.

  • Temps; all over the place, still working that out.

  • Humidity; kept it around 70-80 for the first week while I was using the 105 watt blurples. Since then it’s been 45-55 because my second set of lights are too hot and I can’t keep the tent sealed up til I work that out. (Don’t worry gonna figure out my permanent solution when my newest and final light setup gets here this Friday and I see how hot that runs, way before I ever think about flowering).

  • Ventilation system; lol…umm for now I have removed the vent from the ceiling thing where the central air comes out. I took 4 inch ducting and shoved it up there. With the other end running into the tent itself. I have the front door to the tent open with an oscillating fan shoving the hot air out of the door and another 6 inch fan pushing air out a vent hole in the top of the tent. This keeping my temps right around 82f

  • Using central air and humidifier

  • Co2; negative

I haven’t been feeding yet but I do have dyna grow foliage pro and dyna grow bloom. The former I think I might use next watering and the latter for flowering.

I received the g13 and GSC x JH on July 11th. One seed from each was soaked for 24 hours in tap water. When I checked on them they hadn’t cracked or anything but I read not to soak longer than that so into the dirt they went. Three days later…nothing…I got impatient and started gently digging. I found the first one with it’s tap root coming out and burrowed down. I gently covered it up with a sprinkling of loose dirt. Repeated the process for the other. I had them buried a couple inches down. They woulda never made it up on their own probably. By the next day they had sprouted. I wasn’t recording what was going on at this point but I’m gonna say they both sprouted on the 15th.

Received the purp mix pack from homegrown plus the gelato and critical bilbo freebies on the 13th. Gave one of each the same 24 hour soak in tap water and then into the dirt on the 14th. Again not 100% but I planted less deep this time and 5 out of 5 sprouted I’ll say on the 17th.

So im all set with my 7 new baby girls and my army of blurples right? Welp my poor GSC x JH started to stretch from day one. I read a bit, decided it wanted more light and lowered all the blurples figuring what’s good for the goose…you know. I buried the extra stem a bit to study it up and I’m at around 12 inches away at this point. Next day…more stretching. Reburried, lowered light again. Next day same thing. Repeat again and now I’m literally 3-4 inches away from the seedlings. Obviously this wasn’t going to work out.

(Oh yeah at this point I am just growing them out in the open in my closet with the lights hanging from the shelves you hang clothes from :joy: in an L shape up against the two walls with shelves. Pots sitting on a tarp I covered the floors with. I went straight from the 24 hour soak into 5 gallon fabric pots. wasnt interested in having to transplant. From day one as a sprout I was watering them with unPHd tap water like ten times a day in the form of a very fine mist sprayed all over the seedlings themselves and the top of entire 5 gallon pots. Just enough to get the whole thing to turn that darker shade of wet dirt. Not flooding them by any means).

Okay so where was I? Oh yeah four inch away blurples. But wait, the carpet is kinda wet under the tarp…ditto for the walls. Turns out constant 80 ~ rh not good for the closet. So I’m gonna need a tent. Decided on a 48 by 48 by 80.

Back to the four 105 watt shit-birds. They had to go. So I started researching how much light one needs for such a space. Few sources saying the same thing, 500 - 650 watts. Back to the Amazon I go…for what you ask? More fkn blurples. This time I bought two with 320 watt draw per. BAM 640 watts. Now I’m SET, right? I swear, the same day I ordered those I find this place. ( These lights have enough POWER to fill my space but it never occurred to me to consider the quality or efficiency of the lights)

So I found all the information I had been needing all this time on these wonderful forums and what did I learn? I did EVERY damn thing wrong I could have possibly done wrong. I ordered a 500 watt, dimmable, qb led which will be here Friday. When that comes in and I see how hot that runs I will make a move on circulation and temperature control inside the tent in preparation for light seal and flowering.

Around this point my WW seeds from growers choice came in. She got the same 24 hour soak straight into 5 gallon fabric pot. She sprouted yesterday. When the others spin tales of their abuses from times passed, she will never believe them. She is not getting misted relentlessly. She is getting small amount of water in a circle a few inches away once or twice a day.

So here I sit, 12-13 days from ground break. With a half decent set-up going on and a helluva better idea what to do going forward. Thank you all. I have hardly spoken to any of you but I am between jobs at the moment so I’ve been using this time before I start my next one next week to soak up everything on this site. I have read more in the last week than I have in the three months preceding it by a long shot.

I don’t present my methods here as something you should mimic. But if you find yourself stressing this process. Just remind yourself that if that idiot eagles009 can keep them alive so can you.

The girls, minus purp haze and purp kush because they in the back if the tent, bathroom light sucks, and phone camera is meh. If anybody wants a close - up of a particular strain, part of plant, whatever let me know. I’ll bust out my wife’s nice camera in the sunlight tomorrow.


That’s interesting. Since you germinated in 5 gallons I’d be careful about over watering. The plants look good.


Yeah I think I just kind of lucked into a good routine with the watering amount and lacked the light power to burn them when I was misting like crazy. Thanks I think so too!


Oh yeah. They are all feminized photo.


Also before someone says that’s too many plants for a 4x4 I am aware of this. The plan is to flip to 12/12 as soon as I am ready. I have more strains on the way. The first two grows are going to be small plants, different strains as I have always been in illegal states and have never known a grower so my idea of labeling weed is kind bud, mids, swag. I have no idea what I have smoked and plan to change that.


GDP gets a haircut!

Just leave her be now? Anything I should do to help it recover?


And now for GSC x JH!

The GDP was topped, I think I fimmed this one. That’s what was intended not sure if I did it right.


Bump bump sorry not trying to be annoying but my Google search isn’t turning up anything…which I assume means I just leave them alone. Anything I should do for them or just business as usual?

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Two days later…

The GDP who was topped looks great! I’m not surprised this is my bushiest and “best” looking plant.

Next up, critical bilbo. Also looking really healthy to me. I tried to fim this one, but the end result two days later looks very different from my other fim attempt.

Lastly the girl scout x jack herer. The second fim attempt.

Do they look different just because one is shorter and bushier than the other? did I leave too much on the CB?

Apparently I’m the only one reading this thing but at least I have a record somewhere now to look back at!


7 / 31 new light is here!

Hope the girls like it. Already can tell it’s running much cooler which is definitely something I needed.


GDP killing it. It’s what she does.

Critical bilbo looking like a fim failure.

GSC x JH thinking this is the one I got right? I don’t know I can’t tell.

And the runt. Gelato. Looks healthy enough but she doesn’t seem to like growing :rage:


Made me laugh, “Turns out 80% RH is no good for the closet” LOL


Gave WW a 180 ppm flavored drink today of dyna grow foliage pro. ~8 days old.

Will monitor how she responds.

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Time for the first bit of LST. GDP growing so bushy that light couldn’t get to the newest low growth. Spread her out a bit.

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Fed 1/4 gallon each: PH, PK, gelato, and g13 at 424 PPM today. A little more than double anything they’ve gotten thus far





The little guys were planted because I had more than I wanted of those strains anyway. Might burn em up but there’s prob no room in the pot for them anyway, realistically. We’ll see what happens. I had a seedling in with GDP as well but she’s too bushy and overtook her sister. That one got nute burned and was pretty mad at me for using my hand like a construction tool and ripping her and a handful of dirt out of the ground. That was three or four days ago though and it looks like she’s gonna live.


So right now the grow has worked itself out to where GDP, CB, and GSC x JH are on one feeding and watering schedule because these three stood out as the strongest of the bunch. PH, PK, G13, and gelato are on a separate schedule. WW and baby GDP are being treated the same. Baby PH and baby PK are gonna get roughed up but we’ll see how they like it!


New seeds are in! They were placed in the dark for 24 hour soak at 7pm yesterday 8/2.

Gorilla zkittlez (barney’s) is going in 100% cheap potting mix with minimal nutrients in it. Lowest values I could find.

Super Lemon haze (freebie not sure) is going in 80% same cheap potting mix amended with 20% diatomaceous earth mixed throughout.

Future # 1 (anesia) is going in 100% coco.

All will be planted straight into their five gallon homes


Update on GSC, CB, GDP

Gave tap water, sat for 24 hours, phd 6.36. 1/3 gallon each.

GSC x JH she is really shooting up vertically. I tried to slow this by lowering light a bit but she showed distress. Went right back up. She’s just gonna be tall.

CB just a healthy looking bush.

GDP LST turned into a horror show. I broke one of her new tops. Then it fell off when I was trying to take it back on :joy:. so I just decided to chop them both off and re-top? I hope…we’ll see. I have faith that she’ll turn it around.


Upon reflection I decided to go a different route with poor GDP. I took the cut on the main stem down a couple cm, removed the lower side growth, and fimmed both sides of what I had left. Hopefully it focuses all of it’s energy on a quick fim recovery and eight big colas.


The girls are doing good! Lifted the pots up of GSC x JH, CB, and GDP. Weird how much the GSC x JH drinks compared to the other two. She felt DRY. They feel like they have barely changed since watering two days ago. Left them alone and pulled her out to feed. 1/2 gallon pH - 6.08. 320 ppm.

Pulling back to 320 ppm because the 424 given to my other plants seems to have induced minor nitrogen toxicity. New growth was a bit dark and shriveled. Consistent across the four.

She’s my first one to break the 1 foot mark. Surely this would have been accomplished days ago if they weren’t all topped and/or fimmed.

GDP has responded well to my mistreatment. I think the strip down and double fim was a good move. She is responding to it WAY quicker than my last two fim jobs.

I chopped the top two fan leaves off of CB they were covering way too much new growth that I need light on. I love this plant. So vibrant and bright green.

Change if plans for the new girls. The diotamaceous earth mixture turned into thick sludge that wasn’t draining when I wet it for seed depositing. Scrapped that. Running two in coco now one potting mix. Gorilla zkilltkez was planted 8/3 at 7pm right at 24 hours soak time. Lemon haze and future #1 were planted on 8/4 at noon as soon as the coco had arrived and been prepared . Roughly 41 hour soak time. None of the three had cracked open during soak. Did a little gentle digging an hour ago. Nice tap root on gorilla. Future is just starting to pop out. Nothing doing on the lemon haze. Started soaking a replacement at 1pm 8/5. “Eleven roses” this will be my first germination failure. Will be 17 for 17 if she’s just a late starter.

Just because they are too cute!