Beginning the Journey (and what a journey it has been so far) - Advice Welcomed

Deciding to grow my own medical product. So, I begin the journey and would welcome any help I can get as this is my first grow. After doing much research, I have ordered everything to get started and expect to start germination in a few days.

3’ x 3’ x 69" tent
Two 300W multi wavelength LED lights
6" automatic, quiet duct fan & carbon filter
Organic soil mixed 3 parts soil 1 part perlite
7 gallon fabric pots
Soil tester
5 Jackpot seeds, autoflower
5 AK 47 seeds, autoflower

The plan right now is to germinate two of each, understanding that one or two may not make it past seedling.



looks good so far. I might suggest a couple of small clip on fans for circulation inside the tent to keep the air moving. And eventually you will probably want some kind of nutrients. But you are well on your way, the expensive part is over for now…


Welcome @Medforme great to have you here!

Add a ph meter for testing water
ph up and down and 7 calibration fluid

A hygrometer or two!

Clip on fans for inside the tent

A small light for sprouts as those LEDs are too strong for sprouts!

If you do a few things right and ask questions you should get all of them to grow!


I think if all 4 sprout, they will get past seedling phase pretty easily. This is a hardy weed!
Just don’t kill them with too much light or too much nitrogen at first. First timers tend to overwater, overfeed, overlight, etc. because if anything looks like it is wrong we want to do something.


Thanks folks! I did get a couple clip on fans, so that is covered. I am going to pick-up Fox Farm trio (Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom).

I read you should screen the LEDs until the 2nd nodes sprout. Thoughts? If a small light is better, what light? When do yiu go to the LED?


Or just run one and raise it up in the tent. I put my new clones in pure shade and slowly acclimated them to full sun.

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I regularly germinate under a 300 watt led. As long as it’s 24" away you will be fine. A plastic dome to cover the seedlings, seed starter, and a spray bottle.


I’m pretty sure that 7 gallons of soil will be overkill for auto’s… they won’t have enough time to use up all that space… :wink:
3 to 5 gallons is really all they need… :wink:
Personally I would use 3 gallon pots for auto’s… I’ve grown 8 foot photo plants in 5 gallon pots with no issues… up to you… :wink:
Welcome to ILGM

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Woo Hoo! @Medforme Welcome to the forum. Let the fun begin. Happy growing and I can’t wait to see how it goes for you ~ AB


Welcome to the group . You found the right spot for advice the group took me in a year ago and have talked me through 3 successful grows and on my 4th . Each grow has gotten easier to figure out and the group is a fountain of knowledge.



Welcome to the best grower forum on the net!

We’re all here to help out so tag us with any questions you might have.

I agree that the 7 gal pots are going to be overkill and are just going to require more soil and more water- if you can I would send the 7s back and order either 3 or at the most 5 gal pots.

Looks like the gang got you covered with pretty much everything else you’ll need!

Good luck!

Ps I germinated under LEDs only and had no issue.

@Ray4x @Medforme

most the pots I have looked at, the 5 and 7 gallon are the same width, but the 7 is 2 inches higher, you could just fold down the sides to get to a 5 or 4 gallon… No need to go through the hassle of returns…


Welcome @Medforme! Looks like you got a good start going. This forum is full of great people with great advice they won’t steer you wrong. Can’t wait to watch your grow!

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Welcome @Medforme Start A grow journal. We’re all here to help!

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@Medforme, welcome, lots of valuable info on this site. I am on my first grow also. two more things you might want to consider. an inlet fan, and from what I have read you need 35 - 50 watts/ sq ft. for lighting( true watts), so you may need some more lighting later. Good luck

Thank you all. I feel very welcomed.

Regarding the pots. My understanding is that there are two major considerations to using larger pots that relate directly to growing. The first is that larger pots can cause issues with oxygen, particularly if over watered. My soil is very light (you cannot make a “snowball” with it as the ball falls apart) and I have cloth pots, so I will need to make sure I do not over water. The positive side is, as I understand it, that the plants are less likely to run into issues related to trace nutrients/minerals.

Since I am knew, if I have to do a little extra work and throw away a little soil, so be it if it makes my grow easier.

@Ron - All that said, I did exactly that. I didn’t fill them all the way and folded them down (a brilliant idea I think :slight_smile: ) I wanted larger pots because I plan to switch away from autoflower, but since I am behind this season I wanted to get two grows in before Spring.

Thanks, all!


Bravo :clap:t2: well said and welcome. Help is always just a post away here and some great folks always willing to share their experiences and knowledge.


OK All,

My thoughts on lighting.

Start with one 300W LED light 36" from plant top (first leaves). Gradually move light closer so that it is 24" away by the end of the first week.

At the start of the second week turn on the second 300W LED light at 36" from top of plant. Gradually move light so that it is also 24" above plant tops by end of week two.

Move each light down 1" a day until 12" away from top (so basically 18" by end of week three and 12" by end of week four).

Hold both cycle, 18/6, and distance 12", constant through the end of the grow.

If needed, add a third 300W LED.

Update: I just learned LEDs should not get closer than 18" from the top of the plant, so I will stop at 18" instead of getting down to 12"

This is significant for me as I only have 42" of actual grow space (69" tent). So, taking 18" off of that means my plants cannot get any taller than 24". Going to have to get good at SCROG!

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Update on lights (I posted this in the lights section).

Firstly, I am an admitted Newbie. However, I am a research/data freak. I found complete reviews of various LED grow lights on Youtube. What a difference between products! As a result of this information, I am sending the LEDs I ordered last week back and getting a different kind. According to the research, the LEDs I originally ordered produce about HALF the PAR (the amount of usable light for photosynthesis), and effectively cover 1/3 less area.

I am so glad I did this research. I never would have expected such a difference between similarly priced products.

I would be happy to share info, just not sure if you can post brands here.