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Hello all. I would like to start growing my own plants, however I have never grown anything before. I have spent some time looking at the different types of seeds and strains. My question for now is: what is the difference between feminized and auto-flowering seeds? Thank you.


There are essentially 3 different ‘types’ of cannabis available:

Feminized Photo Period

There are also 3 basic varieties of cannabis: Ruderalis, Indica and Sativa. Ruderalis flowers on a timer while the other two rely on changes in day/night length to trigger flower.

Autos have Ruderalis genetics bred in to the strain to provide a ‘clock’ for the life cycle.

Feminized is a means to trick the plant into producing all ‘female’ seeds.

Regular is just that; male and female seeds with the same traits as a feminized plant (needs change of day to initiate flower) but tend to be more vigorous than feminized photoperiod plants.


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