Beginning of a SCROG

@Hellraiser did u keep a mama gg plant. Might have to try and keep a mama around i have 4 seeds left i believe maybe 3. Man was gg some good smoke


I kept one GG clone mother around for a while but in the end it didn’t make my “unicorn” status and I gave it to my daughter to play with so she could practice cloning and keeping a clone mother. It was very good bud but I’m looking for more than that these days, has to be absolutely spectacular in high, taste, smell and bud structure/density, and look amazing. The GG lacked a bit in the taste and smell areas (for me), not horrible or even bad, was very nice actually but not the spectacular that I’m looking for in my stable of unicorns, which there is only 2 - the Cherry Ice Cream and Blue Dream - both are spectacular in every regard. Every seed grow I hope to find another unicorn but that does not happen very often, but I am thrilled when it does.


@Jun3Bug Hi, I’m Debbie and I’m reasonably new here also. I do lst on my 2 plants. If you would like to see the difference you can check out my page called something is the matter with my leaves. I have pics of under the plant at post #'s 568, 535 (Budz), 488, 469 & 440. These were just straight up and down when I got them. I will scrog them when I flip to flower. I also have a lot of experienced growers advice on there, maybe something you could use and a bunch of charts.
Also, I would check out a pic of @Hellraiser Cherry Ice Cream if you have a few minutes to drool. Enjoy your grow, best of luck.
O, ****, Scrog you tuck your branches under the netting and run it in and out of the netting to spread it all out. If it gets really heavy you can put a 2nd net in to distribute the weight so you don’t break the branches. But if you don’t do some lst on it there won’t be a lot to spread out


Thank you @DebbieM always love looking at others grows and how they accomplish their goals


Did you look at @Hellraiser Cherry Ice Cream Pic? I love the pics, I was snookered at that, man, I want to grow like that.


Yes @DebbieM @Hellraiser is goals :muscle:t3:


This pic just keeps popping up on me now. Much be telling me something @Hellraiser I’m working on getting some 70 Acapulco gold and some Colombian golf seeds if possible. Even some balkhi hash plant seeds. He needs to answer me back lol.

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Guides have moved/changed.

Only noticed because @HapHazard just liked that post. Thanks mate.

Guess that means both the store site and the forums are being restructured at the same time. Will break a lot of my past links. Lol

I will say the stores guides where 1000% easier to navigate before. As they are unnavigable now…

Before they were broke into trees. Now each tree is just pages of articles. Meaning short of searching for a particular. You have to dig through pages. Instead of using the old “tree”. Guess it may not be done yet. And that is only my own opinion.
Mostly because it will now be quicker for me to site more informative sources I have saved. Instead of searching through and linking from store. Before I could grab a link in a few clicks. No typing. Now many clicks. Or typing.

Agreed. They fixed something that wasn’t broke. UGG!