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Do I need to start feeding them or do I wait another 2weeks and I have one with white tops is that good?


No don’t start feeding until your young’n has 5 -6 true set’s of leaves and then only one quarter of the amount and gradually up the nutrients so that you know what your plant can handle.
Item sure the one with white will be fine.



If you wish to feed try using a Bio-root at 1/4 strength at this point you want your plant to grow roots but garrigan is right if you start to feed too early you are wasting nutes. As well you may shock the plant and stunt it there are no leaves to make use of the food and the roots will just be starting to establish no rush.


Thank you Donald, that little seedling will have it’s own nutrients to live and grow on say untill 5 or 6 true sets of leaves.
Otherwise you’ll burn it by adding more nutrients.

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Thank you @garrigan62 and @Donaldj


Your welcome any time chefp90



@garrigan62 and @Donaldj the plants that I have they have good roots like nice a lil thick I started them in paper towel and appearently they liked it cause with in a week we’ll less than that I say 3/4 days they already grown roots like a good 3/5cm is that normal? I put them in the soil monday the pic that’s up there is the progress from seeding last week


Thats real good sign of a healthy plant. I’d stay the way you are and you’ll be fine and the plant will be to