Beginning my perpetual harvest with live soil


Those three in the big tent, holy hell was that soil compacted. I figured I had two options. Keep watering until I could penetrate the huge dry clumps, or uproot those three gently, and put in a 1 gallon pot to fix it. I chose the latter. That soil was extremely dry and clumpy in the middle. I mixed in about a solo cups worth of perlite into the soil. I got a good amount of roots kept intact. Tomorrow when the lights come on, i fuess i will see how they look!


How am I the only noob, to underwater lmao? It happend once in ths first grow, and now this one. Haha. I haven’t been posting pictures of them. Cause when you’re new, and how they looked. I could tell under watered, but not until it was a little to late. Everyone else would say over watered i think, from the state of them. I liked this though. Trial and error is the best kind of education! My solution might not work, but I’ll see soon enough.


Yeah maybe try watering extra slow on this next watering to. Might help it to soak in and soften the dirt up.


I’m doing a bit and waiting an hour or more, and then doing more. To much at once and it just goes out the sides anyhow lol. Do right and get it done


Yep yep sounds like you got it buddie


Damn they’re still bad next day. Except one of them, and it’s the deformed girl haha. The other two are cmseriously drooped over. Might of overwatered then, just to the roots in water.


Give them a day or two they’ll bounce back I’m sure.


No problem there. I looked at the HLG100 again, and its back on amazon for prime delivery. Mine was mailed out today, i called the company up and told them about the prime delivery now. They gave me the option to cancel and reorder, or get it out today. 30 minutes later, it was shipped, so great customer service!


That’s great!


Yeah, im well pleased with the help. I offered to pay the extra shipping to get it here faster, but their system didn’t allow it. Still they’re deserving of their amazon reviews. In my effort to get them water last night. I didn’t do good enough. Pushed in on the sides, and root ball spot was still bone dry! I really couldnt believe it. With all the extra perlite added, but one is definitely better now. As i got into the clumps to mist with water. The leaves were coming up some within minutes. Another one looked actually well, but is the formed one.


Yeah definitely more perlite next time is in order.


No doubt about that. It was all the soil trapped in the roots, and couldnt penetrate inside it. Despite water coming out of bottom. Oh well, another learning experience. I’ll get sone idea tonight on their health.


Yeah it’s good info to know for the future no doubt.


The small veg tent is going splendid. I believe my clone must of rooted within 72hrs of cutting. This morning, the growth tip has definitely grown up


Dude that’s great. Keep an eye on when you can see roots through the cup. I’m curious how long it takes.


Yeah, im pretty excited for it! Part of me had a wacky thought. Since its the growth tip from the plant I’ve mainlined. Its going to grow like a normal plant? If so, could this plant if and when ready. Also get topped, to create a new manifold plant, and then try to clone the top again?


Might use some of this kief tonight, I’ve been building up. Can’t kief it forever, bah bum lol. Quite a pretty site though!


Haha nice pun. I scooped a little out of my grinder and dropped it on a bowl a while back. Wow what a high is all I need to say! I’ve been saving it up ever since lol. I’ll use it on bad days :rofl: you’ve got way more than me. I don’t grind much. Usually just stuff a little piece of a nugget into the bowl.


I grind everytime so I’m just accumulating the stuff, and use is on the odd occasion. Definitely a fuck your head up way.


Lol no doubt there. I am looking at vaporizers now. If I get one I’ll be grinding a lot more.