Beginning my perpetual harvest with live soil


That light should be perfect for a veg tent that size. I think it’ll do great.

And thanks. Between allergies and my grandfather passing away I’ve been pretty well wiped out. We were very close and my grandmother passed just 5 months ago so it killed my motivation.


Oh shit, I remember when my grandfather died, we were close as well. He lasted well though, 88. With half those years diabetic, and 25 yrs blind. It takes a long time to get through it. I had alcohol at the time, was active duty military as well. Military would rather we fuck our liver up, than relax with a bowl lol. Hopefully your bud can keep you from spiraling out. My wife’s dad died suddenly, back in October. It’s a shit situation to be dealing with. Unfortunately her dad lives 5,000 miles away in Europe, so she couldn’t get there for the funeral.


Mine was close to that he was 86. He’s had Alzheimer’s for about 2 years but it was slow progressing until my grandmother passed. Then it was like it went into overdrive. He was constantly forgetting she died and would ask daily where she was. The days before he passed he was awake but no longer aware of what was going on. It was painful to watch. But at least he’s not suffering anymore.


Yeah, that horrible to witness. I was getting permission to take leave. When he died at a VA hospital. He died the night before, and the VA nurse called the crash cart team. They came and saw he had a DNR, but the nurse didnt care, and managed to bring him back. Unfortunately, cause of the DNR, he had to he cut off of meds, food, water, everything, until he died. I was fucking furious. I didnt see it, but I guess he wasn’t understanding where he was at the end. Even said he was talking to his cousin. They called the family after he died, and asked if his cousin wanted to go to the funeral. He died 2 weeks prior to my grandfather. Freaky!


Can I get some opinions on this mangled mess lol. I’ve tossed her from the grow off to ask for advice, on what the fuck this is lol? Also, the solo coupons the girl who got uprooted. She looks a little hot, and needed watered this morning. Moved her lower from the light now.
Update: I changed the thread title now. Thought, I’d try and keep this one going for the future.


They did the same thing with him during the end because of the DNR. I’m not a fan of that either but they said unless he asked for food or drink they weren’t giving it. Seems cruel to me.

As for your funky plant there I think it’s from over watering. But maybe someone else will have definitive answer. She should grow out of it though. she looks like she’s needing a bit of food. She’s starting to yellow a bit.


I’ve read overwatering could be, but I also read several that happened from real low humidity after sprouting and misting them. I’ve been using the lawn sprayer in the tent on the walls. To raise humidity, so wondering about that. I’ve been real careful on the watering in the 5 gallon pots. Its bone quite a bit down before gi ing more water. O lying nutrients is the happy frog and super soil at the bottom.

I guess the VA hospital had him to far gone. He wasn’t allowed water or food for the 24hrs before he died. He’d ask for water a lot and they wouldn’t give him any.


Yeah that’s just cruel in my opinion.

You definitely need to keep humidity up especially seedlings. I’m not sure that’s what it is but it looks fine now. So it’ll grow out just give it time. And get a small humidifier if you don’t have one. You only need it the first couple weeks.


One of the 3 finger leaves is missing a finger lol, and it’s growing like quasimodo right now. I assume it’ll grow out of it, but was weird, and Google did little for this type of problem Haha. I have a humidifier, but last time it clogged my filter. No distilled water. Just tap water that’s been sitting out for at least 2 days. I’ll have to get some distilled water. I put the exhaust on the temp controller. Figured I’d let it come on when to hot for now. No smell to worry about, and it comes on enough to keep fresh air circulating.
Have you heard of those AC infinity exhausts. I got the 4" version coming Friday for the 2x2x4 tent. It has humidity and temp control built in. Set it smart mode, and it adjust the fan to control temp and humidity. If it works fucking brilliant, I’ll be getting a 6" version for the flower tent. Hardly any noise, and a temp and humidity probe to attach to the exhaust sounds perfect. If it works correctly. Nothing but great reviews on it though.


Yeah they’re pretty nice. Definitely a good investment.


Excellent, I don’t remember seeing those on my first tent setup. Dont matter, mine was 120 I think for the 4" version. Easily the same price as a regular exhaust and filter, but hopefully. It’ll save me money on not needing extra sensors and dehumidifer


Alright a basic veg tent for germination and vegging is done for now. I’ll be moving stuff around as things progress, but for now. It’s all good. LED is up high for now, I know it’ll go lower, I’m going to start with 16 to 18" and go down to 12" when ok to do.

Update: well tonight could have gone much smoother. The controller for my new exhaust crapped out. A new one is being mailed to me today, I was told. Then, when the controller crapped out. It made the fan go on high, and sucked the tent in so hard. It popped my fan off. Since I hadn’t secured it yet, to move around. That landed on a solo cup with a seed that’s been germinating for two days, and knocking it over. Picked it up, and the seed was still in the soil. Since the tail had secured itself down enough! Hopefully it’ll be fine after soil put back on top of it.


Haha so what you’re saying is without the controller the fan really sucks lol


100% correct, I will say. For a 4 inch fan. It really has some power to it. If I don’t have another broken controller mailed to me, and it works great. I will invest in a 6" version for the bigger tent in the future. I can see huge benefits of it. With a HPS setup, or maybe many LED lights.


Here’s the mangled girl and solo cup today. The other 3 are still germinating under the solo cup soil they’re in. One cup got knocked over last evening by fan falling off. Knocked the top layer of dirt off, but seed was rooted enough to stay put. Covered back with soil, and waiting. The mangled girl is still growing fucked up, but growing, and will hopefully grow better soon.
Update: Had another look at them just now. I can see why solo cups are preferred to start with. With the perpetual garden, I’m going to start having cycles in the coming months, I’m going to be germinating in solo cups probably for a while. Can’t put multiple 5g smart pots in a 2x2 veg tent Haha. The solo cup girl I uprooted and put in a solo. Is caught up almost with the bigger plant that I have. It’s probably a day or two behind, but growing rapidly. In a clear solo cup, so I can see roots easily. Just added photo of one of the seeds I planted in soil Wednesday night.


Alright my veg tent is done and growing 4 plants right now. I moved one of the older girls in there. I’d like to try and compare any difference between the MH light plants, and the qb light plant. Since they’re the same age, I can have a look at least. She is the plant that was uprooted and placed in solo cup. Shes a node between the others.


I got you buddy. Post away!


Beat me to it.


I have two tents in a veg cycle. The big tent will go into a flower cycle soon. The three plants in there now. Are in their 5 gallon pots, so i will do minimal plant training on them, so i can just out them in flower quicker. That leaves me with the 4th one in the veg tent, I’m going to manifold her, and see how my first attempt at that goes. I think she looks real nice in her 1 gallon pot. Ill top her, wait for growth, and transplant probably to a 3 gallon pot, and then to a 5 gallon a couple weeks before flowering. Possibly transplant to just a 5 gallon in live soil, and skip 3 gallons. Not sure yet. Now, im pretty close to topping her down to the 3rd node to create the base of the manifold. Once her 6th node is just finished, and moving on to the 7th node, im going to top to 3rd for manifold base.


@dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie the three plants in the big tent. I dont want to do anything to them, so i can get that tent into a flower cycle, and concentrate on one veg tent, and replenish bud quicker to get a perpetual harvest going. If i just tie down the main stem 90 degrees. Would that be enough to just throw them into flowering. They should have 6 nodes today now.