Beginning my perpetual harvest with live soil


Yes it does mate! I’ll be updating the grow off challenge thread. After I see if they all germinate for me. Should know soon.


You only need one.


I forgot to mention. Its nerving to wait this out, but it was cool seeing them coming up from the soil! I saw both my kids head crowning during birth, and splitting my wife open. This version is much cleaner lol, and prettier for me.


Lol yeah much less painful for all involved lol


Watch yourself posting & discussing your grow-off plant outside of the grow-off. :grinning:


Ok, I’m reserving this thread. For the plant I threw out of the contest. Just uprooted her, and out in FFHF soil. In a solo cup. If she dies, I don’t want to use a lot of soil. Even if I get it 20 cheaper a bag now lol.

Update: it’s been about 8 hours, and this is her now. Quite perky to me lol.


Day after her uproot, she’s looking well. The pale green is there still, but not worried. Her leaves are stretching right up to the light.


Looking good buddy


Well, that girl is still looking well enough, but she stunted from the uprooting and transplant, so not really a surprise there, but it looks like growth is starting to happen again this morning.


@DoobieNoobie @raustin @Budbrother can I get some advice on my grow setup. My wife has green lit me to setup for a perpetual harvest. I have two options, buy a bigger tent, and section it off, or get a mini tent like 2x2x3. Any help please?


Thanks for the tag to your grow, and congrats on the approval. If that’s the biggest tent that will fit the space then go for it. It’s better than trying to seal off a veg section in another tent. Light leaks will getcha. You have to think about the ventilation as well.


Now, I could go for a larger tent, but didnt know if a small mini tent for germination and veg would be good.
I’ve been thinking of just sectioning my tent off like it was made for. 3x3 divider and then 1x3 space.
Is a larger tent the best way to go then for a perpetual harvest setup then or two tents


I have 2 and considering a 3rd small tent for clones. I may just build one out of that 2” foam board if it’s cheaper.


That’s cool. Might try sectioning off first. Buying a new tent is ideal though. Really tough choice to make. When you section tents off. Do you need separate exhausts?


Different temp and humidity requirements, and depending on the lighting used, this may become necessary. A new tent would require this as well. I’m not one for sectioning a tent.


Yeah, was thinking that could get troublesome to do. I’m thinking


Ok, well, I’ve purchased everything for a smaller second tent. I’ll have everything by Friday now! Decisions to make now?.! Here’s what I got for a veg tent. There’s also 1 gallon smart pots. The exhaust controls its speed for temp and humidity control as well, so I’ll keep tabs on it that way.

2x2x4 tent
HLG 65 Quantum Board 4K
4" carbon filter
4" AC Infinity Cloudline T4 Quiet exhaust fan (I’m pretty excited to try this out)


I’m assuming smaller tent for veg? I agree on the new tent versus divider. And bigger is always better. That 4 footer will be ok for doing that. I finally got panda film for my new area so I can get it running. Just need to feel well enough to get it done.


I just planted 3 new seeds in solo cups. Everything for the new tent will be here Friday, so I might have some sprouts to put in there straight away, but it’ll most likely be Saturday. These seeds have been sprouted on the third day from planting. On every single seed.
Update: Forgot to mention, I had to use my new seed strain money. To get the second tent setup. I after planting 3 new seeds in solo cups, I have 7 white widow left. Enough for two more grows. Sitting in the fridge lol. Hopefully, in 3 to 5 months, I can get the mix pack I want. Changed my mi d o. The mix pack. Want the dreamy pack one, or something like that. It has California Dream, Skywalker OG, and Blue Dream feminized seeds.


Oh shit mate, sucks you’re not feeling well. I’ve been busy with getting a new setup, and the plants. Yes, it’ll be a veg tent. Happy with a 4 footer, and LED light will take less space up. I kept hearing you guys go on about quantum boards, I found the one I got. Whatcha think of that board, in a 2x2 tent mate?