Beginning my perpetual harvest with live soil


They’ll make it. Might take another week of getting new roots to see any growth on top.


If they’re not going. By the time the manifold plant needs to be flipped. I’ll be trashing them. I don’t have the space in the veg tent for them, and the 3 grow off plants as well. I don’t see it going that long, but who knows. I could open the tent one day, and they’re all stretched out, and happy lmao. Happens all the time to people I’d say.


I’m happy with all of their growth. I’m excited for tomorrow. When the lights come on. The new hlg100 should see soon, even better growth! The clone is back up. Humidity is lower than I’d like, so I am keeping the solo cup dome on tonight.


Looking great today. I trimmed the clones leaves down last night. Today she’s looking perky again.

My manifold plant is going to get watered today. I’m seeing great results out of this one. I’m seeing her starting her 4th node now. A day or two, and I see her getting the last toppings on each side. Iight try to clone one of them. Not sure yet? She has started growing preflowers now, so that’s cool. I’ll be seeing big growth soon I’m sure.


@DoobieNoobie Just noticed this. Preflowers right? Surprised to see those, if so. These aren’t autos, so I find it neat, for being so small, but I guess it’s age doesn’t change. If kept in a good environment for cloning a topping.20190209_142341-01


The manifold plant was stretching up to the light very well. Since I bent them over with a landscape staple. The clone is coming along. Everything with her has been perky and happy. There is a 50/50 chance I might top her tomorrow. To finish my 8 colas. Depends how much growth I see overnight tomorrow.


@DoobieNoobie I got one of the plants in the big tent back to growing again, and even is preflowering now. The downside, it is the deformed girl lol. Not a surprise that one made it through. It’ll be stronger now I suppose. The leaves look funky as hell, so the buds will be interesting to see haha. Clone is well also, so still keeping the dome on. It’s cold, so a little dry or her still. Manifold is getting close to top. My thought is definitely tomorrow, but I don’t mind being wrong lol.


I am debating to snip the manifold for the last time today. It will be this evening or tomorrow. When the lights come on. It’s really about making time haha. I’m assuming the clones top fan leaves flattening out is a good thing. I’m still not seeing roots, but maybe that will change soon? There’s enough root growth now. That the leaves aren’t the primary source of getting food. I raised the light an inch or so. I noticed some of the top leaves were lightening some. According to the grower’s light website. The HLG 100 has a veg footprint of 33. A flowering footprint of 22. I might need to keep this light closer to 14" or so. Any thoughts @Budbrother @dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie


Tips look like what would normally be seen with nute burn. I would think something like 18-20" would be pretty good for clones, maybe even a little further.


The clone was the lowest from the rest. Maybe 16 to 18" now. If the lights veg footprint is 3*3ft like the site says, I’m going to start keeping the lights closer to 18" and go from there. If nodes are spacing too far apart ill lower them. Right now, I’m having a real tight node spacing.


The manifold is complete on toppings. Eight colas and the shoots now to grow. Tomorrow will let me know. If she’s going to be stunted or not.


I’ve pulled the bigger fan leaves down. That way there is no light blockage from them. To get some bud going, I’m thinking about putting the big tent into the flower cycle soon. The healthier plant in there is showing preflowers.


Going well enough still. Saw plenty of growth, ive made the manifold plant grow like a helmet lol.


Hey to everyone, hope all is well. I’ve been building a bed frame from raw materials, so haven’t had much time to update. With not writing about three of the plants I’m growing on this thread, I haven’t really had much new to write about lol. The clone is suffering it seems, but I’m going to keep at it. The older manifold plant is growing well, and another girl in the big tent is coming back to life! I wasn’t desperate for the tent to go on a 12/12 schedule yet, so let them heal for close to two weeks now, I believe. They don’t look quality like yet, but definitely a huge improvement over their previous state. Without a doubt, I let their soil go dry. To the point of compaction killed the roots. I watered small amounts, but the heat go nuts. When the filter got clogged. Just like on the first grow, but much worse.


I’ve decided to put the big tent on a 12/12 schedule today. I opened the tent door, and woosh. There was a huge woff of weed in the air. It was shocking to say the least. Since there was nothing for so long, and then there it was. Like I’ve said before, I haven’t been worried about how the first three look, or max yield. Just to get the big tent into flower schedule as soon as ready. I really don’t want to have 8 plants in the flower tent at once. I didn’t want to rush the 12/12 schedule. Until the three came back to life, and that was today for sure. Even 2 or 3 oz from these three will work. Until the better grows become the norm. I’m thinking, two to four plants per cycle. The veg tent is only 2x2, so need to keep it conservative, and then let them open up better in the 3x4 flower tent. For the manifold girl in the veg tent. I’m very happy with the progression thus far. I’ve used twist ties on the 4 of the colas, to hold them down. The other 4 will have it done when ready.


This was the difference between Wednesday and today. In the flower tent.


My 2x2 wasn’t giving me much space with four plants. The water catchers were making everything awkward. I decided to make it simpler for me. The whole bottom of the 2x2 is a water catcher now lol. I have a wet vac if needed, but I don’t water with excessive runoff.


Hey, I’m a level two member now!


I decided not to top the flower tent plants a while ago. I’m tying down the main stem the first 2 weeks of flowering some, not loads. Just to keep getting more light to the buds. The older manifold girl is done with being pulled down to pot. I’m going to let the colas grow up but pulled outwards a bit. Ill make a PVC cage instead of a wire tomato cage. I can double it as a scrog screen when ready. I’m going to let her colas grow, 12" up Ithink, and put into flowering, and hopefully get, 2’ long colas after stretch.


I’m thinking of doing some lite defoliation tonight on madam manifold. I’m thinking any fan leaves that are more than half blocked. By higher up fan leaves, I’ll snip them off. She’s getting a bit bushy for my liking, so I think its time for me to do some pruning! I’m really looking forward to this tonight!

Update: I had time to do some pruning, and she got pruned lol! I defoliated all the big fan leaves, and the big fan leaves from the first node. I’m learning as I go, but defoliating worked out well last time I tried it. She looks bare, but I’m anxious to see what she looks like in a week from it!