Beginning my perpetual harvest with live soil


Once they’re rooted and can pull water there’s not really any reason to keep done on.


I see, if they can drink more from their roots. Than they need through leaves, they’re good to go then. Well, I can’t do anything for several hours. I have some time to think about it. I might play it safe, and get a 2 liter bottle of water to cut down to size like @DoobieNoobie suggested. Then, put in a 1 gallon smart pot. My three grow off girls will also go in one gallon smart pots soon. Might do them all the same day. I’d feel a lot better transplanting with some roots showing for me first.


I decided to wait, and see how the clone looked when I got home to make up my mind. From the look of her, she’s cramped, and looks a bit droopy from humidity I think. I decided to leave her in the solo cup, and take the dome off. Either she will suck tomorrow, or going stronger. I can tell the soil can’t dry from the dome on, and so roots aren’t stretching out I think. You can see in the picture, shes finished her node, and is growing up to create a new node on herself.


The manifold plant is coming on strong, she needed watered today. I took a close look tonight, and she’s moving on to her 3rd node now. Won’t be but a few days at the most, I’d imagine. Before her last topping on each side. If she dried up enough, but not to much, I’ll transplant her into a 3 gallon pot.


Looking good. I’m all out of likes as usual lol.


No worries about that lol. Yeah, im excited about these ones. The ones in the tent are still drying out. From drenching them. To get that giant dry dirt patch wet. Look shit, hopefully they dry out soon enough. Tent only reads 22c 71f with the cool tube now.


Perfect timing I got a like back lol. Good temps that’s better than I thought it would do.


I’m really impressed with it. Just a few inches from the tube, I could feel very little heat on my skin. The lights are 14" from them now. I was struggling to stay below 80 minimum at 18 to 20 inches away.


96hrs since being topped, she doesn’t seem to of been phased much by it.


The small veg tent I keep a small office heater in it turned on. It makes sure the tent is always being heated, but the AC Infinity exhaust. Is contstantly adjusting it’s speed up and down to keep the tent at 77f. It’s really one of the best purchases I have made this far. Constant negative air pressure without having to constantly adjust exhaust speed to fix temps. Since it’s in my garage, I can’t control the temps in there as good as I’d like. If humidity foes above 60% it’ll also adjust speed to fix humidity in there. Temp might go lower than the setting, but by not much.


The clone seems to be making it on her own now. I oeft the solo cup dome off all night. Spritzed the leaves again this morning. The manifold plaplant Is going strong still. I’m going to transplant tonight, or tomorrow when lights come.


Repotting tonight with spotify

, while the wife and daughter watch hereditary. I still think I’m winning tonight!

I’m really looking forward to the hlg100 coming tomorrow. I need that extra power now.


I opened the small veg tent when the lights came on. It’s starting to put off a fairly strong weed odor now. They’re coming along for sure. The clone was flat this morning. The soil dried out over night, bah. I thought it was good for another night, but guess not. Put dome back on top with watering, and will take dome off again if she comes back up.

Update: @DoobieNoobie those three plants in the bigger tent weren’t getting any better. The soil was dried up enough to start seeing improvement. They’re going to die if something didn’t change, so I needed to see the roots. Fuck it, I kill this way, or I kill by doing nothing. I get really into the pot, and could feel her loosen easily. Bad roots immediately in my head. I get the plant out of the soil, and sure enough. All the original roots are brown and dead. I’ve started seeing nice white roots coming out, but quite small. I’ve repotted her, light watering, and I’m thinking of cutting some leaves off. To make her work less on leaves, and more on root growth. Does that seem like the right plan?


Look what came!


Nice :grin: :sunglasses::sunglasses: grab your sunglasses


Man I don’t know. That’s beyond me. If she were in hydro i’d just keep her fed so she can throw new roots out. Otherwise i’d leave the leaves so she can have as much energy stored as possible.


The hlg65 is getting returned today. The small tent is throwing out odor now! Everything is coming along. Eager to see the growth with this hlg100 now.


See that, that way. I really wasn’t sure. Two of the three I pulled up had dead roots, and small amount of new roots, and strong, but small.


Well if they got fresh roots going then they’re trying to get going again. The fresh soil with better aeration will help.


Oh yeah, added perlite, 16oz fresh soil to them. Might take a while, but maybe they’ll come back.