Beginning my perpetual harvest with live soil


You looking for higher end vaoprizor, or middle of the road. Dry herb, or oil?


Well, not to shabby today. Excellent growth from the manifold, and the clone has grown some also. The big tent plants are still shit, but jeed them to dry out more from getting their roots soaked from underwatering the three.


Dry herb. I’m looking at the dynavap M. It’s cheap enough to try and seems to work well. Plus it can replace my dugout and bat for carrying if it works well.


I use an Exxus mini. Its around 120 i think. It works well, but have to grind it up like pepper to works best.


Yeah that dynavap is nothing fancy I really didn’t think much of it until I watched a video of it in use. It heats up super fast with a torch lighter and seems to give nice vapor. And you can get a dugout made just for it all in one kit.


Just looked in to it, I’m interested in it myself also. I got my cool tube today, but don’t get the new filter until tomorrow. It’s not setup completely yet. One side of the cool tube is open. The other end has ducting going to the exhaust, and the ducting to a vent. I’ll get the filter installed tomorrow. Once I get it, and a 6" splitter tomorrow. It’ll be finally done. Still, I was at 18" on the light distance, and now im at 14" I don’t want to go lower, I’d worry about light burn constantly lol. The temp is down to 73 now.


Sounds like you will be good to go once the filter is on.


Should be, if the cool tube doesnt keep temps down, I have other problems than that. Can’t wait gor lights to go on today, I’m anxious to see if my clone has grown much more. I keep checking for just one root growing. Last night her growth tip was expanding. The leaves wont hold in that solo cup long. Need some root growth to take humidity dome off, and put in 1 gallon fabric pot.


@DoobieNoobie @dbrn32 and advice on my clone. She is going well actually, and saw the best growth on her today. My problem is the solo cups now. The leaves are outgrowing the solo cup, but theres no roots showing. Putting her in a bigger pot would help, but I’m extremely new at it. Without roots, I dont know how much soil will stay intact. Should I just clip the leaves down to fit, or would removing the solo cup humidity dome work. Was worried about not having high humidity for her though. Any advice as its my first time trying to clone? My plan is to grow her out, until she’d be ready to top, and create another manifold base. The plan, is to try and clone the topping again, and see if she lived. If so, I’d think about doing the same, but not sure about space.


Here’s the clones base, she is also doing well since surgery lol. I’m thinking of cutting the two big fans away Friday. I’m getting landscape staples Friday delivered. I will of already had her in the 3 or 5 gallon fabric pots that day. I think she’s good to get transplanted today or tomorrow.


Sorry for the slow reply. Do you have a 2 liter bottle or something similar? You could cut the top off and make a bigger dome. That would buy you a few more days for roots to get going.


So simple, but genius lol. I don’t have that, but can get one, or something else to work. I was just thinking. Once those big fan leaves go on the manifold plant. Does she need transplanted yet then? I think yes, but want to double check with someone.
No worries on speed of reply mate, its all good, we all have stuff to do.


What size is she in now? I would either do both at once or give it a few days between. I say both at once because the transplant will slow her down and so might removing the leaves. They look healthy are they blocking light or something? If not i’d leave them be but that’s just my opinion


No, they’re not blocking any light. The growth tips are already taller the fan the fan leaves. I’ve just always seen pictures of manifolds with them removed. They’re the reason for such good growth, I’d say. Friday, I have landscape staples being delivered. I’ll use them to start pulling growth tips down then. Thats when they might get in the way. Right now, she’s in a one gallon fabric pot. Does a transplant seem to soon then?


No not to soon. I was thinking it might be a 3 gallon pot. You’re about the right size that I would be doing it. Don’t want the roots to get so big that you can’t get it out of the pot.


I agree. Roots are there if she’s growing, may have just been a little wet to get them expanding to side of cups. I’d plan on potting up.


Yeah, I’m going to go with 3 gallon pot, I’m thinking of mixing the live soil with the new soil for the 3 gallon pot. Either that, or wait for the 5 gallon potting, and layer it on bottom with smaller soil mix. Whatcha think also @dbrn32


The clone you’re on about, or the manifold plant?


Clone, sorry


Ok, I see what you mean. To grow, she must have roots there. How long should she have the humidity dome on for. I’ve read upwards to 7 to 10 days I think.