Beginning my first super skunk fem outdoor grow


Question concerning the soil i chose for my first super skunk fem outdoor grow. I plan on using Kellogg patio plus with perlite, alfalfa meal, and earthworm castings amendments. Does this sound like a wise choice? Also, if so, at what point should I start using nutes for veg stage? Tips for germination would also be welcomed. Read a great way to germinate would be in plain vermiculite with 1/3 dilute diluted Peterson’s 20-20-20. Sound pretty accurate to all you pros?


Also ive been reading that its best to not use nutes till the plant is around 12 inches tall. What is a good soil to use during the seedling stage? Will vermiculite in 16oz cups be sufficient to continue throughout the seedling stage?


I don’t know about the deluted nutes while trying to crack a seed. I put mine in a cup of ph water until the seeds crack open then I either plant directly in coco or a rapid rooter. Depends on whether I plant in forever home or plan to transplant


Concerning on when to use nutes, you’ll know. If you listen the right way, your plants will tell you what’s wrong


Ditch the kellogg
I know alot of growers like it and a few growers on roll it up love it but I used it for my last super soil build and for a little bit more money you can get better soil
Mine came infested with black flies
I also did an experiment with on pot with kellogg one pot with ff ocean forest and one pot with happy frog and another with roots organics and the super skunk plant that I had in the kellogg was yellow and sickly and just would not recover no matter what I did and she ended up dying
Anyway everything else you want to use looks like a good mix I would just spring the extra couple bucks on better base soil


Well the cups are fine but they will fill em up fast
I don’t give any grow nutes until the lil round feeder leaves fall off and from looking at your soil amendment you should not have to give it too much for nutes for a while just good pHed water or you might burn em up
So waiting till they are 12” tall may be a good idea
And when you do start nutes less is more start em slow and see how they respond and increase the strength as needed
Good strain choice too
Very tough plant handles pretty heavy feedings and great growers


@Growit, took you advice and ditched the Kellogg. Bought roots organic soil. Was wondering if the amendments i previously mentioned are still a good idea with roots organic? Was thinking since the RO soil is coco based, maybe i should forget about the perlite. Still think im gonna try the vermiculite method during the seedling stage. Will germinate in distilled water then place in vermiculite with distilled water. Im wanting the root ball to be big and healthy. Any advice on a product that may be a good root booster for when i transfer to the RO soil?


My super skunk at 5 days old