Beginning my first grow

This is my first time growing I’m about to hit week 3, my leaves started doing this 2 days ago and I’m not sure what’s happening to them. I have not given them any nutrients yet just RO water. May I be over watering them?

Uploading: BE59D052-5E23-4CFC-940B-4E99C65ACAAC.jpeg… Uploading: 2C037C61-FBC3-41E9-8BF2-87AD68F2A0D4.jpeg… Uploading: BC00D7B6-43FD-4922-8D1E-3C8F5A10421E.jpeg… Uploading: 694D7EAC-5D83-4221-97E6-0FE34BFFD432.jpeg…

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First welcome to ILGM forum. Second your pics didn’t load. When you start uploading you need to wait until you get a check mark next reply button. Here’s a pic of what I’m talking about. You should wait to start next upload each time until you see ck mark.

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Thank you! Pics should be uploaded now


Looking good. Have you considered starting grow journal. I always recommend to new members to start one. It’s a great way to get advice and ask questions. It will give you one location to keep track of your grow and be able to go back and reference everything you have done. Good luck and Happy Growing. Your soil does look a little to damp.

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Just started doing one today. I water them morning and night with a spray bottle, could be overwatering them possibly? Noticed the leaves curling like that so Im starting to get a little nervous

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Tag me into your journal, if you don’t mind. Thanks. :v:

Twisty curling leaves can be from over watering.

I’m confused I thought this was his grow journal, is it somewhere else?:blush:

Not sure, it’s listed under Beginner indoor grow. I’ll set to watch just in case.

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