Beginning indoors with aeroponics and dwc advice NEEDED

Hello I’m in the process of starting a indoor grow with a mixture of dwc and aeroponics. So I can figure which works best for me. I have a blank room at the moment 10x22x8 and the only thing I’m sure of is wanting to use hps and cmh lights dwc and aeroponics with a sog . I had planned to do 8x4x8 veg and flower spaces with 2 600w lights each but my goal is 4lbs dry every harvest and I’m unsure if that’s achievable with those grow spaces. Also I originally planned on 48 plant cups spaced 4in apart. Any advice on space size ,light wattage or plant count to achieve my goal would be much appreciated.

Almost every producing plant will need at minimum about 2.5 x 2.5 space.
Better to have too much light than not nuff. Plant more than you expect to harvest. Weed out the weak, slow growers and concentrate on the healthy fast growing plants. Best to use 5 gallon buckets.

Thanks I’ll definitely go get some 5 gallon buckets.

Black buckets work best. Dark blue if you can’t access black. WalMart has buckets for $3. Grow stores are $5+

Air pump is required to keep plants healthy and not allow algae. Hydroguard is a good product to keep algae from growing. Best to number each air line so you know who is getting the right amount.

BTW…(mantra)…essential to growing are PH n PPM Meter set. Online for $20.
CRITICAL…lost cause if you don’t. Paper test strips, colored water and the 2 prong soil testers are a waste of time and money!!!

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What size net cups do you recommend? Also would you say rock wool would be a better medium to use?

6" net pots work best for photo plants. 4" would do for auto’s.

rock wool works well under certain conditions. some professional growers will put starter plants in 10" rockwool blocks. I used rock wool a few times. If it stays wet, it will “degrade” .

I put expanded clay balls in the net pots…reusable, easy to clean/sterilize, won’t hold water/nutes.

Main reason for going to DWC was: initial expensive outlay for rock wool and grow media soil, fast n easy change of tainted/over nuted/or algae infestation.
The nice surprise is…if done right, the plants grow faster and bigger. Plant roots will fill a 5 gallon bucket in 5 weeks. More roots = More fruit.