Beginning a new set

Ok used seedling soil on last ten auto seeds I got cause the first thirty had nine not start. So trying seedling soil. My question after they are up and they start true leaves first set at the moment for seven of them. How or can you give them like wormcastings to help push them along. So far seven up. Two are no shows and one has the hull on and it’s been a good week or better since it showed up.

I would wait until the second or 3rd set of leaves before adding worm castings. Definitely a transplant first, then feed.
Do you have a nutrient line that you’ll be using? Or will this be an all organic grow?


All dirt. Transplant when they go out

With this seedling soil it’s going to have to be changed over I guess was trying not to stress them with multiple transplanting.they being put in a cow manure dirt that has set for eight years that my dad had scooped up from the barn where we feed them and adding peat moss to help with it Harding up once put in the hole.