Beginning a new journey in my basement with a question

Hi everyone just checking in. I am starting a new indoor grow in the basement. I have a 2x4 mars hydro tent with a mars sp 3000 led. I grew outdoors th MA Semi successfullly but it could have gone better. I have my 2 ladies about an inch long in 5 gal soft pots in coast of main stonington blend. I am growing cream mandarin xl autos. I have one thing I need some advice though. I have been able to keep the daytime lights on temps good at 77 and humidity at 50+- . I run a dehumidifier in my basement so I have a small humidifier in the tent. At night my temps obviously go down with the lights off to 64 at the lowest and the humidity goes up to about 62 . My question is will this be a problem and if so how would I fix this. When Mother Nature was in control I never considered it but I am a little worried. Thanks for having me and hopefully for the advice


I would shut both dehumidifier and humidifier down and see what my ambient humidity is like. When you know what you’re dealing with then I would aim to control it. Either high or low RH. Then have a look at a controller of some sort I use an inkbird but be careful as they do one for heat/humidity and another for heat/cooling. So buy the right one. 64 is too cool, really want around 70 at night. 10° swing in temperature would be the most you would look for as well so aim for 70-80. Hope this helps :sunglasses:

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I also grow in the basement like you. I have found out that you can grow with lower temps. like you are stating. It is not ideal but you can get very good results. Either add a small heater to raise temps or go with what you have. You can control these issues if need be. Good advice from all on this forum who have experienced what you are . happy growing :rofl: :bat:


Welcome to the forum.
I too grow below.
You’ll find as the seasons / weather changes so to will the RH / temps in basement. During the seedling stage you’ll want higher humidity relating to temps…posting a chart to refer to down below.
During veg that relationship changes and in flower it is yet different.
I manage things using dehumidifier on a timer to run at night when needed and use a inkbird controller to run my humidifier to maintain needed humidity. I’ll run a heater if needed too during winter months.
I also use my house’s thermostat to help regulate things and also opening or closing doors to the room downstairs as well as the door at the top of the stairs. I grow year round in basement so door open at top of stairs in summer and closed when winter is here.
I place several mini hygrometers around the house so I can see where the humidity and temps are at any given time and also use a thermo pro hygrometer which has a base unit and can have up to 3 remote sensors that show on the base unit so I can see what’s going on from upstairs day or night etc.
There are also ones that you can get that have apps for phone that allows even greater monitoring etc.

Hope this helps and shout out with any questions that come up


Basement is a good choice for grow space. You can run your lights on at night and off daylight hours. Also you may need to supplement a little heat in the area from where you pull your fresh air from during lights off. Good luck !


So I gotta get some good pics of my set up and share them. With this being my first grow and minimal experience I am a little nervous. Thanks for the advice. I looked into all the things you all said. That’s some good stuff. The first thing I did when I got home from work was take a small oscillating Lasko ceramic heater about 4’ from my tent and turned it on. With it blowing kind of at the corner and a little more in the direction of the air intake flap. The temp went up a few degrees in about a half an hour. So I put the heater on a timer and ran it on low last night while the lights were off. It worked perfectly. Overnight temp was dead stable at 70. I know everyone’s garden is different but this simple solution looks like it is gonna work for me. I was skeptical about placing any heater in the tent so that’s why I tried to heat the outside first. The tent is in the corner so the heat generated by the heater kind of heated the corner. Like I said so far so good. Thanks for the help.

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