Beginner's tips and tricks please

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

1.can you point me in the right direction of seeds that will give me the best yeild for my set up, but also keeping in mind I am a begginer.
(2. 5x25 tents side by side)

  1. 1000 dimable double chip led
  2. 300 dimable double ship leds
  3. 450 dimable double chip led.
    I know you probably get this a lot but any tips you could help me with would be more than appreciated. Im diving in to this to take it on as a full time job once I get the hang of it on the small scale. So if it’s alright with you I would like to keep in touch if possible? Just to bounce ideas. If not it’s completely understandable but it’s worth a shot me asking. Now with that being said I will humbly step on back. Enjoy the rest of your night

A big yield is very important but also the strain. So is depending on what you need in the end.
You can get a big yield from each strain you grow but everything depends how you manage your grow!


did you mean 5x2x5? and are the Led’s true wattages or equivalent? as a rule you like to use standard formula of 35-55w sqft so assuming 5x2 tent 10sqft so roughly 350-400 watts for lighting
I would avoid auto if starting out less forgiving with a 5’ height limit look at indica dominant strains they stay shorter are usually fairly easy to grow have shorter flowering times. So Fem seeds with higher Indica traits also every strain varies both in yields and thc/cbd content


If you are going to do this for a career these are the things I would be doing:

Find what strains are popular and go with that. Know your market!

Start learning about mother plants and perpetual grows.

Look at the properties of feminized versus female.

Lighting is a whole other animal and led’s in particular are a big topic issue. Go to school on lighting pros and cons. Seriously!

Ask lots of questions.

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Beginners are having success with our White Widow, and our Gold Leaf, all the time. Perhaps you could start there in regard to seeds.

I too am confused by the description you gave about your tents…How many? what dimension?

Hope to see you around the forum. :slight_smile: lw


As for the tents, I’m guessing he has five tents which are 5x5 or 25 square feet each.

I’m guessing that he meant was 2,5mx2,5m( 8x8feet)

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