Beginners Preparation for first grow


So I have these grow materiel what else do you think i need including soils and fertilizers;

grow tent 3x3x6
lights 1000;800;600 watt dimmable
ventilation air filter, fan, air duct
grow bags 7gal
4in fan
net (scrog)

I’m thinking of using FFOF or Black Magic have (dealers for this stuff locally)
And for fertilizers Flower Power
White Widow Feminized seeds


With FFOF you won’t need to feed for the first 4-6 weeks. Sometimes it can get you through veg and then you would only be using your flower nutrients.
I don’t have first hand experience with Black Magic or Flower Power nutes, so I can’t speak from experience on either of those.


thank you MattyBear


No problem. Another must have is a ph meter, ph up and down, and calibration fluid. Ph is the key to keeping your plants healthy and happy.


have the meter how often should i calibrate



I check my pH meter before each use. I store it with ph 4 solution in the cap, just turn it on, if it reads 4 I’m good to go. You wouldn’t believe how much of a factor proper pH plays in your grow.


Depends on the meter. I calibrate mine once a month or so. Sometimes sooner. I take baseline numbers of what my ph should be at after adding nutes and ph up/down for each stage of growth. When those numbers drift too much I will recalibrate.


I’m a newbie myself - and you probably have one already - but you need a gauge that reads your temp and humidity to make certain your tent isn’t cooking your plants :wink:


Yes, forgot to list it,I have two. One is indoor and outdoor so can see temperatures both sides of the tent, inside and outside of the tent
Thank you