Beginner's luck - aussie outdoor grow

I’m relatively new to growing. I have recently germinated and planted a strawberry cough seedling in a 5gl breathable bag. I planted it in 6 parts Pinegro coco coir peat moss along with 1 part vermiculite and 1 part perlite it feels nice light and fluffy so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a successful grow :crossed_fingers:


Welcome to the forum. Any pics we could all see. Plenty of awesome ppl here to help ya out. U growing photos or autos. What kind of lights are you using. How big is ur space ur growing in. Give a brief summary and it will help everyone to help u there is a support ticket u can fill out with all the info that would be needed. Tontag someone use the @ sign like @Mark0427.

Best of luck mate we have a handful of aussies around here that may can steer you to the best nutrients available there(I know the selection isnt great)

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Thanks @GreenSnek I was hoping that someone could help me out with what Aussie nutes I can get my hands on and when to start using them. I tested my soil ph today and it seems on the high side nearly 8! So I guess I should lower that somehow and as I am using a soil-less mix I thought I may need to start using nutes or something other than just water or is that to early at this stage?

I will try posting a pic of my seedling but it is still only tiny as it is only Day 4. After it germinated in a peat pellet I transferred it into a 5gal breathable cloth pot/bag. I have been putting it out in the garden during the day in full sunlight and bringing it inside at night (to protect it from bugs).

Don’t know if you or anyone else could help answer these questions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Aha I knew I would dig it up if I searched hard enough here one aussie recommend these guys for organic nutes “organic gardening solutions. com” generally you want a ratio of 8 4 4( or something similar ) for veg and 4 8 6 throughout flower along with plenty of cal mag that you can get through epsom salt and molasses

I forgot to mention that daytime temps have been around 25c as it is currently Spring time.

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Ok thanks for the info @GreenSnek. I will check that website out or look out for similar nutes :+1:

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Oh and if theres no compost or bacteria in you’re medium then throw some handfuls of compost in to get it saturated or else those organic nutes won’t get broken down

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This is a pic of my tiny seedling.

I planted it in a jiffy pellet then transferred it to a 5gal fabric pot which is made up of Pinegro coco coir peat and it says it’s enriched with calcium magnesium so Im guessing it wont need any calmag?

I bought some Reiziger nutrients which I will start to feed it from tonight.

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Best of luck baby!

Just a question: I’ve just subscribed but can’t post anything, I want to create my own journal because I have tons of questions! XD

Can somebody help me?

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@Mark0427 thank you for your message and advice. ILGM seems like a great forum, I often read the topics and see all the great advice and support everyone offers, I think it’s fantastic!!

I’m doing an outside grow in my backgarden but still bringing the seedling in at night as its cool plus I dont want bugs attacking it. Hopefully in a few more weeks I will be able to leave it permanently outside.

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Thanks @FromNoob2Expert sure click on the lines at the top right hand side of ILGM and choose to +a new topic from here you can create your own grow journal from the categories.

Hope this helps.

Good luck with your grow I will look out for it in the forum !

I did an outdoor grow (check out my journal if you want!) which I’m in the midst of harvesting. I did my seedlings under a light so a bit different, but I’d say if you are able to stay on top of it then putting it out in sun will be fine every day.
Just make sure you have enough moisture to not dry it out. The older it gets the more you can water because it will have roots, but for the first couple weeks I would make sure it’s misted a couple times a day at least.

I did it in the end!
I’ve also got some badges and there’s one that talk about a newbie tutorial but can’t find it.
By the way I posted! Feel free to answer, later I’m gonna star post pictures and updates, hopefully a lot of people will join and help me figure out the sea of doubts I have on my growing plants :smirk::heart::heart::heart:

Hey @Gruff, thanks for the advice I didn’t realise that I should be misting the plant a couple of times a day.

How nice to be at harvesting stage enjoy the finished product :sunglasses:

I will be sure to check out your grow, thanks :+1:

Hey @FromNoob2Expert, sorry mate but I can’t help you out with the beginner’s tutorial I’ve not seen any mention of that video :thinking:

Good luck with the grow my friend I will take a look at your post :eyes:

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“We are happy to announce that Dyna-Gro Nutrient Solutions are now available to the Australian public.”

I don’t know how true that is but Google says you guys can order dyna gro nutes, I’m using them currently and am quite happy with the results so far.


Hi @Eagles009 thanks for letting me know about those nutes. I managed to get hold of some Reiziger nutes today from a hydroponics place. Just trying them out on her tonight at really weak strength to see how she goes🤞

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No problem and good luck!

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Welcome mate. Always good to find another Aussie on here!
You are sure to get the best advice possible here. I am playing indoors in the dirt and nearing the end of my first run - so coco assistance is not something I have.
Enjoy mate - this place is great! :+1: :sunglasses: