Beginners looking for tips on soil grow... can i use this tent?

So im trying to start my first indoor grow op, its my first op period. Id like to know what yalls suggestions are for tent? Can I use this for a soil grow?



I use that tent and have some DIY lights I built for each area :v::bear:

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Do you think the viparspectra PAR1200 will work for the bigger area?


Do you already have the par 1200? If you need to buy a light I would go with something different

I’m a Viparspectra fan. The Viparspectra PAR1200. It would work for a 4x4 area. But as @dbrn32 pointed out go with a HLG light. You will be thankful for it.

I did produce killer Bud with my Viparspectra PAR600 Light. And I mean killer bud. But the ovrerall total weight is better with a HLG light.

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Flowering section on that tent is 3x3. Can get into a 260 kit for significantly cheaper and would be in better shape all the way around.


what is a 260 kit? just let me know what would work best n ill get it… im take a trip to this afternoon could you let me know what you think would be best @dbrn32

could I use two HLG 300 for a 5x5 or is that too much

You can as the lights are fire. I had to turn down my lights on my HLG 260xl Rspec kits x 2. The one plant is already over 4 feet tall and she is still stretching in her 3rd week of flowering. @dbrn32 has you covered.

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You can only link Amazon, dealzer, and aliexpress here.

Go to hlg’s website and look at 260 kits. The 260xw is designed for 3x3, or the hlg 300 would do. For a 5x5 two hlg-300’s would be ok, but I would go with three 260xl kits personally.


about how many plants should I put in a 5x5?

would a 550 work?

It’s a little weak for flowering a 5x5, but you could do worse.

its just the store im going to doesn’t have the 260xl kit in stock but if it i have time, im not gonna get the 550 if its just something i can make work i want something that’s meant for the job what would you recommend? just go with the 3 260s?

That’s what I recommend to everyone else anyway


would a 550 be good for 4x4?

Ya, good for a 4x4

OK @dbrn32 so yesterday i hit the store and got a 4x4 gorilla tent and a HLG 550 with some Happy Frog starting soil and ocean forest to transfer in sound good ? Or should i just use Ocean Forest all the way through? I have some bagseed that’s poppin right now should be ready in a cple days


Happy frog should be good. What’s your plan for starting them, party cups in the happy frog and then pot up to the ocean forest?

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