Beginners ideas on equipment and or help with set up

Hey guys and gals. I am creating this topic to have a page where people can help out with ideas on equipment and other things where I am new to this and I need help with getting everything right so I can become a great grower. I just want ideas and opinions on equipment and strains that everyone has and or has had and recommends. Right now I have two pretty girls that I am trying to get right and healthy. Also if anyone has old equipment that is still good and may want to come off of please let me know I need to upgrade some things better. I don’t know if that is ok though to do so if it is not let me know please.


On the old equipment part, there is no allowance of any personal information being exchanged according to the rules of the forums

That having been said, I believe there might be people who have gotten around that. :thinking:

As for stuff you need, you need a light
That’s your most important and expensive item to get

You have to figure out what size space you intend to grow in to determine the proper light


We don’t currently allow this, but we’re working on it.




@dbrn32 Ok cool sorry I didn’t know if it was ok or not. I am happy to hear you all are working on getting that set up. That would be a cool thing where people can help by getting rid of stuff that they upgraded from and may not use and have just taking up space and gives people on a tight budget help with equipment.


@Mr_Wormwood ok thank you I am in a 4x4x6.5 tent and I really want to run a led set up for power and efficiency I would love to get a set up to cover the whole 4x4 area.

@dbrn32 is the resident light expert but I can say in a 3x3 the hlg300L is basically God in a little room

It’s funny how when I open the door I always hear a choir of angels
(Might just be me though)


That is what I want. When I open the door the stairway to heaven with angels singing. Well or it just could be bright like the sun and ACDC highway to hell could be blaring lmao. No I really want to run something that will efficiently cover 4x4 area with good heat control right now my tent stays at 69 to 75 with around 45 to 60 percent humidity during the on cycle it is at 45% and at the off cycle it is around 60%


This would do a 4x4 just fine. Or you could do two 260 equivalent for not much more money and have more flexibility. ~550 vs under 400. After code diy10 this light would be under 400.

If the code works with the sale. I know it worked on my $185 for just two boards and heatsink. Which this is 3 and a larger heatsink with hangers and driver/mount included.


Temperature is very manageable for me though we keep the apartment pretty cool anyway

Actually a bit higher than usual on both counts

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Yep. @Mr_Wormwood is right. Here I am to sing. :rofl:

In all seriousness, though, Wormwood and @Budz have the right recommendation. The HLG lights are the best way. Great company - great lights. I have a 260w XL. I plan on buying a second one. I’m only in a 4x4 but I want to unleash the sun on my next grow. Probably you don’t have to be as crazy as me in that respect, but absolutely 2 260w kits will get you a VERY bright room.

I don’t recall from your other thread if we already had the conversation about TDS and PH meters - but get a BlueLab or Apera set of meters or a combo meter from either brand if you haven’t already got one.

As far as nutes, get yourself a 25# bag of Jack’s part A, and Part B. Find some pure Epsom salts at your local pharmacy or grocery store (anyone, really). There are some other supplemental nutes that are good to have but those 3 are critical.

Next up, you’ll want a minimum of 2 medium-to-large fans to circulate air around your tent. Stagnant air is an unhappy plant. I’ve got two and honestly probably need one heavy duty stand fan to go over the tops of my canopies still.

PS - your girls look SO good!

There’s a lot of good options for 4x4. Hlg makes a few, chilled tech has some very nice too. If you stick with a company like them you’ll be in good shape. There are similar designed fixtures at lower cost, but you typically don’t get the performance guarantees or level of customer service included with the US based companies.

Most of the staff has identified we have a gap in membership abilities to distribute old gear. Our current policies make it somewhat difficult to complete these kind of transactions. If we can find a way to do it, it will be a top priority.

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Ok I will gladly look into them and check them out. Thank you for the recommendation. I have two 33w full spectrum lights, one over each plant. But I know I will need more light.

Have you guys thought about been the middle man? You guys are allow to send pms and set everything up. Something like $pal do. Everything will be private and you guys would control it


Ok yeah I keep my home around 70°

Lol mine is 67 to 70 degrees
I think the sensor is close to light

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I have a HLG 260W XL v2 rspect I love that light

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Hey how’s it going? No we never finished the conversation on the last thread lol :laughing: I will look at the ph testers cause I had bought a Vivosun tester and I broke it :sweat_smile:. I just went and got a med fan that blows a little over the top of the canopy and then I got a short fan to oscillate the canopy and threw the branches. I did pick up the salts from Lowes now I just have to go get my nutes and everything.

Ok I will check those companies out also. I agree with @SilvaBack203. Would ILGM be a middle man or create a site where they can monitor the activity and make sure no one is being outrageous with pricing but make it know that it is not covered by ILGM in anyway other then giving a place that people can help each other out with equipment. Just an idea. That would be a really cool thing for new growers just starting out to have and it could be anything from someone willing to give away or sell old equipment that work but are sitting collecting dust because they got better items. Thank you though for letting me know the rules on that though. I hope in the future we could have that option and opportunity to utilize something like it to help the community out.

Ok I will check it out thank you