Beginner's harvest dispute

Hello I am having a dispute with the other person involved with this first time ever new grow of ours .I think it’s time to harvest he does not think its time. In the pics u can see new growth at top and that shouldn’t be happening. Also I see black speckles on leaves. Normal? Please HELP with our dispute…Thanks yall! KB


With the single finger leaves coming out she seems to be revegging. Which means she has abandoned flowerings and went back to growing.

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And she is definitely not ready to harvest either.

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agreed. Need to wait for the second wave of flowering to harvest.

Don’t harvest that buds should be 5 times that size

Welcome to ILGM. Stick around m learn with us.

As they said she is revegging… the light hours lengthened signalling her into ‘vegetative growth’. Once the days shorten sufficiently, she will flip back to flower and the countdown restarts

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