Beginners guide

Hello fellow growers, first time grower here, I absolutely enjoy the atmosphere this community provides and I’m eager to become a part of it! I’d like to share my progress and would like to see yours as well! It’d be great if some of you shared some tips and tricks and other bits about your operation with me and others. As growers we want every step to be the right one but that is not always the case. How long do I wait in between waterings? Do I need to PH water for super soil? The answer to these questions may be easy for veterans but even i still struggle with this! We can all learn from eachothers mistakes and even feel a bit more comfortable making those mistakes!

Yieldlab Tent 96"x48"x78"
1200 watt Exlenvce Full Spectrum
1200 watt Grow Ace Full Spectrum
Yield Lab 400 watt hps/mh (Winter)
Vivosun oscillating fan
6" exhaust fan
Foxfarm Ocean Forest Soil
Fabric 5 Gallon pots
*Genetics: (Crop King Seeds)
Gorilla Lemon Fire fem.
Shiskaberry fem.
Granddaddy Purple fem.
Fruity Pebble OG fem.(Deceased)
Alien roadkill reg. (Deceased)

I killed my first six seeds by packing the soil too tight after placing seeds in cups and they never made it to the surface, the fruity pebble was overwatered with improper PH, and fed nutrients when I shouldn’t have. Overall my environment was improper while I had equipment I lacked on things I needed most, ( PH up/down, tester meters, fan, Humidifier ect…) After acquiring better knowledge I felt more comfortable restarting this operation! I germinated 3 G.L.F, 3 Shiska, and 3 G.D.P’s on July 31st, I placed these seeds in between two plates with soaked paper towels and continued to spray water throughout the day. All 9 of these seeds cracked in less than 48 hrs, I placed in solo cups and they were under my lights by August 3rd.* 3 of my seeds got placed in riot cubes surrounded by Foxfarm soil as an experiment* (I did not wait until taproots were long, I placed seeds as soon i seen a tiny white tip.) I did not run full spectrum until August 21st My humidity stays in between 55-65, my temps are 71 at night, 76-80 during day and i water in 6.0-6.5 ph. Yesterday i transplanted from 1 gallon to final 5 gallon home. I am doing a bit better this time around here is my progress so far!

You want the soil to be moist not saturated. Finger in the soil to the second knuckle will tell you. I recommend PH’ing super soil, just for the peace of mind that it will grow excellent.

Most of all welcome to the ILGM community.


Consider poking holes in your solo cups so she can breathe. Foxfarm Ocean forest will last you about a month no nutrients added. After 1 month introduce nutrients at half recommended does at first so they get used to their new diet. As watering goes I play by the weight of the fabric pot game. Once you give your ladies the first watering pick it up and try to remember how heavy it was, then pick a dry one up with no water and this one is what you want when it comes feeding time. I just tried to cover some general stuff as fast as possible for you. If you have any questions or concerns the community is here for you! Happy growing my friend!


Thank you! I have been PH’ing the water just in case it seemed to be the best move!


Thank you for the info, I added a pen sized hole to the bottom of solo I think I’ll add a couple more, I have been waiting to add the nutrients as that time should be here soon, very wise in suggesting i start a low dose!