Beginner's Dillema

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“Well I decided to go ahead and grow a few plants outside… my first time. I got six…Now it’s been 4 weeks and I’ve done some
cutting and tie downs but now I’m wondering if I should somehow “hide” them from overhead helicopters because I now remember that even though it’s legal… in my town
they have said no growing… Fremont, CA. I forgot all about that and now it’s too late. So they are happy where they are… I could get a “roll” of some material as I have a
canopy near by and a way to hook it all up. I read about getting a greenhouse but I think they will grow even bigger… can you give me an idea what I should do… I don’t want
to throw them away and I don’t want to ask anyone if it’s OK either… I noticed that the Mesh has sunblock so I didn’t think that would be good either… so what do you think?”

If you put them in pots (not in the ground) I think is good to move them indoors (if you have that possibility). Just buy some equipment and grow indoor… It’s safer


I suppose you could get some PVC pipe or something similar and make a garden arch over the plant/s. Break up the visual from above. Don’t forget, the odor will carry quite a ways.

If it’s actual pot choppers :helicopter: You’re worried about the only safe thing is to grow indoors
The computerized cameras :movie_camera: used by police :policeman: nowadays will pick out one plant in a forest :deciduous_tree:
If it’s the local traffic chopper there’s a very low chance they would notice anything less than a dozen plants :seedling: unless a high speed :red_car: chase crashes in your garden


It’s legal to grow 6 plants in California. Some jurisdictions have indeed passed ordinances prohibiting growing outdoors; but if the plants aren’t readily visible from the street, my guess is that you’re safe. I don’t think you have to worry about helicopters with 6 plants in your backyard! Fremont isn’t going to spend money for helicopters for that purpose!

If someone does report you (which probably isn’t likely), you can move them indoors. Local jurisdictions can’t outlaw indoor grows of 6 plants or less.

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OK… thanks… is there any other kind of plant you know that also has a strong odor that I can plant as well…

OK… That’s real helpful to know… I feel so much better now… well it’s just that there are so many fly-bys it made me wonder but since they are in pots and I could put them inside if I had to… i could also say my Dad (92) put them there … that’s my excuse for everything that I’m not suppose to do around the house…

Don’t blame it on your Dad! :sunny:

If law enforcement comes to your door, insist upon seeing a warrant. If there’s no warrant, don’t grant access. If they have a warrant, tell them you’ll be growing your PERFECTLY LEGAL SIX PLANTS inside from now on, if you can be convinced that the City of Fremont has indeed passed some sort of ordinance prohibiting outdoor grows.

I don’t see that the City of Fremont has addressed the legalization prop that went into effect on 1/1/17. They previously banned medical marijuana cultivation within city limits, but recreational legalization is a game changer, and it doesn’t look to me like Fremont has passed any ordinance about growing marijuana since legalization.

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This is GREAT info for me to know.,… Thank you so much!! My life just got instantly better … and now I’m going outside to do some re-ties as I was doing them all so fast because the plants were growing right before my eyes everyday almost reaching over the fence… and I was genuinely worried about the whole thing and even rushing to tie them down and so I broke some stems. I put them in water wondering if they were going to sprout roots so I could re-plant them… will that happen or are they gone4good??

@BlueStorm19 - I haven’t a clue. Google is going to have to be your guide.

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