Beginners 2nd year grow

This is my 2nd year growing. Last year grew white widow autos with limited success. This year will be growing train wreck fem photos in 10 gal grow bags. My beans popped 5/4/20 and 5/6/20. My question so far is how often do I water the small plants. They are in small solo cups with seed starter soil under a 125W 6400K compact fluorescent lamp on 18/6. How often should I be watering at this stage?

Everytime the solo cup feels empty. Good luck! The environment of the plant determines how often that is.

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Zee is right you kinda have to get a feel for it. I spray the soil in mine twice a day. Just a starting point

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Bump this up to 24/0 for the first two weeks.

Once in media I mist the dome twice a day with distilled water. That’s all the plant needs.

I don’t dome, nothing against myfriend. He is very knowledgeable :slight_smile: