Beginner yellow spotting and curled leaves

I can see problems on these plants but I’m having a hard time figuring out the exact solution.
There is yellow spots on them. I also noticed some had nutrient burn and I assume the black spots are pests ?
(The white specs on the leaves are from the tent)

Take a look at the “support ticket”. It contains a nice list of various parameters in your plant’s environment, that if known, can help identify what is going on and thereby point us towards potential remedies.


My 1st inclination is to see those specks as Spider Mite bites. But; I would like to see what info you supply in “Support ticket”

When I made picture bigger them little white things looked like thrips the skinny ones the round ones looked like spider mites. Or i might be seeing things because I had both, and I’m a little Paranoid about bugs.