Beginner with some questions


I haven’t watered in 2 days but the plants don’t seem to mind. I topped both 2 days ago. today when I got home to church on my babies and the temp was 84,F and there is a funny spot on her top leaf. what could this be and how can I fix it. seems to be some tacoing.


The first thing I’d check for is critters. It doesn’t look chewed but better safe than sorry. I’ve only got one grow under my belt so take anything I’m suggesting for what it’s worth. I noticed that occasionally a leaf will develop a strange spot or odd discoloration, randomly. As long as the rest of the plant looks good and it’s not getting any worse, I wouldn’t sweat it.

As far as your watering goes, sometimes it would take 3 or 4 or even 5 days for my pots to completely dry out. Your plants have different needs at different times. My limited experience has taught me that cannabis plants deal with underwatering much better than overwatering. If I’m unsure whether to water, I wait a day and reevaluate.


From what I understand the tacoing can be from heat stress. The spot on leaf, I’d just keep an eye on it, you may have splashed water on it or like @SilentHippie said, could be a critter. I don’t just watch see if it gets worse. It could be just an isolated incident


Taco is from heat and like they said check for critters could be a self inflicted leave wound I like the left my pots up after I watered them to feel how heavy they are so you can gauge how wet your soil is by lifting your pot And I actually like to take my hand down in the soil to feel how wet it is


84 f. shouldn’t stress them in grow cycle, they look a little “dry” like the potassium could be higher, or it’s being antagonized by a wee little too much P, or it could be the watering cycle, too dry then too wet. Or the ppm are too high and searing the roots. Check PH too. (soil or hydro) A larger picture would show more clues.

Maintain PH and ppm first and foremost, if they’re off they simulate all kinds of other issues, get and keep them right, then iron anything else out.


That happens to mine when the light is too close from the heat. It looks like a little light bleach also on yours


ok so first off thank u guys so much for giving me ur thoughts and advice for a beginner like me y’all are life savers. ok so I changed my light from a 800w COB to a 300w rolaedro 2. to see if that would help the tacoing. but it puts off alot less light. and less heat. what do u guys think about that? just to see if the pants react better? and here is full picks of the w.w. in FFOF. at 23 days. what should my ppms be at? I’m doing p.h. of 6.5.

both in 5 gal smart pots


With the plant the size it is, one 300w is plenty. With two, that’s a little over kill, on plant and electric


Not sure what Ppms should be but right now with that soil there probably around 2300 to 2800 and you won’t need nutes for close to two mnths with that soil. Besides cal mag when using led. I don’t even check ppms now until about 2 mnths


Do you do N-P-K tests on the soil as well as pH?

I found the P test has to be (((shaken))) (((vigorously))) or the reading will be off, leading one to toxify the soil with P, then requiring a vigorous flushing of the soil to remove the stubborn P! Then requiring foliar feeding while the micro nutrients are locked out by Mr. P! Foliar feeding is like life support ! You know you screwed up when they’re on life support!