Beginner with outdoor questions

OK, I gotta say I am germinating one seed right now. Almost afraid to mention it yet just in case I jinx it…24 hrs in tapwater, it then sank. Moved to moist paper towel on top of water heater under little foil tent. 24 hours, there is a 1/4" sprout tail showing. Wooohoooo

Another question has come to mind. Once I’ve got germination and a seedling growing inside, what kind of light source would be best for this 3-4 week or so period before starting to introduce plants to outdoor world.

In the past with vegetable seedlings, I’ve used just florescent lights. Seems like these plants might want something more. Is there an led lamp bulb that would do for 1-3 plants during this youthful period? And what wattage? I don’t really need a whole expensive light system, just something a bit stronger I think before transition out. Maybe not, don’t really know

I have a big flood light that I use for chicks after incubating, but this gives off quite a bit of heat. Any suggestions?

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Most use a small led panel or a t5 set up
A 300w led panel would work good dorbyour situation tho @mulegal


thanks @Countryboyjvd1971

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I love my 450W viperspectre

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If your using mhyou can put in tent with the bulb tuned down to 25-50% & itll work as well.

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What do tou have ti work with or are you looking to buy something @mulegal
The spectrum is important you want to be in the 4100 range for veg
You can pic up so cfl bulbs and make a small fixture
Do you have a budget to work with or you need a cheaper set up ?

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I use 2 T5 2ft lights that I keep about an inch above my plastic dome. Pretty simple but seems to work okay. Down the road I will get something a little stronger. Or maybe even add a third T5. Good luck and enjoy your growing. Great job on getting the Taproot to pop

Wow thank you all for the help @Countryboyjvd1971, @Laurap, @neckNflu, @Powaforce.

Yes I’m not wanting to spen alot for this since I’m not doing a true indoor grow. I did some looking on Amazon per all your recommends and settled for a 2’ t5. If plant seems stretching I’ll get another. Thanks @neckNflu

Here we go. Tap root is about 1/2" long this morning. I think I’ll put in soil today. All grins here.


From everything I read, I think that you’re taproot / your seed is ready for soil! Great job. Good luck with your lights. If you have any questions there are lots of people that know a lot more about lights than I do. I’ve had good luck and success with the couple of t5 lights. Enjoy your growing and good luck!

I keep my two lights about an inch or two above the plastic Dome so they’re pretty close to the lights as they can be. With my two T5 lights I took some clones during flower to try monster cropping my next go-around and it took 21 days but I’m seeing new growth off of the crown of my clones today! So they work. Might have to be patient… though I have seen quicker results when I took clones during veg.

I’m sure there’s some more experienced growers who use T5 lights that can chime in also. They may have some good tips for you. Heck for me too. I’m no expert. But boy do I enjoy doing growing.

Well you are much more of an expert than I am @neckNflu. I’m not even sure what “monster cropping clones” means…hahahaha

Figure I’ll start off slowly and learn as I go. I just put the big sprout in soil. I can’t stop grinnin. Doesn’t take much to make me happy I guess.

I’m going to start a Grow journal tonight. I got pics of the sprout and my medium.

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@mulegal Tag me into your journal if you don’t mind! I’ll offer advice where I can, or find the right people to help you out! Happy growing

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Absolutely @MattyBear. This being my first mindful grow, I appreciate any and all help. Thanks

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That’s great! Congratulations on starting in the soil. Learning as you go and taking good notes is the best way you can do it I think. Sometimes you just have to jump in with both feet. You’ll learn about all those super cropping, monster cropping ,LST, cloning, etc. as you go. Everyone will fill you in and answer any questions that pop up.
I’m like you. I’m only on my second mindful grow is I like to think of it. I basically joined the website, bought a pH pen, a few more nutrients ,and I’m trying to get serious… Haha just like you we will all get better as we go along. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions. But most importantly have fun as you’re doing it. Don’t make it seem like work. I have a feeling you won’t. :+1:I know I don’t. I’m hooked for life.

Yuppers…I’ve been growing 2 days and I’m hooked…hahahaha


Oh I know! When I was able to First grow medically it felt surreal. Several years later I’m just starting to get "serious "and I’m really appreciating what a treat it is. It’s wonderful and relaxing… though Nerve-racking at times too but that chance of a great finish makes you come back every time. Good luck and keep on enjoying.

I like your moxy/determination. I have had success oudoor in pots during my summer. We are in the 90’s daily with 90% to 100% humidity from June to October. I can only vouch for Durban Poison, and Pineapple & Strawberry from the IGLM fruity mix pack. If you would like to see them, then I will forward them. I can only tell you how I made it happen, yet I am sure I did many things wrong. They turned out pretty good, but I was overrun by mites. I kept the autos going till they were big enough to make it worthwhile. I hope this keeps you on a determined mindset.

Hi @S.FloridaSwampman, Did you create a grow journal here I could find and look at. I’m amazed at how helpful everyone is.

I figure if you made it to harvest you did Mostly right. Heck 3 months ago I had never even heard of an autoflower…hahaha


I apologize for not responding sooner, but I could not due to circumstances. In any case, I have not done a grow journal. I will in the future, but the three purple haze, two bianca, one chronic, one granddaddy purple are well at this point in time. I would start one, yet I have issues asking for anything. I shouldn’t think like that because everyone here is very willing to help.

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