Beginner with First Grow Overwatered...Need Help!

Hey all,

I started this experiment to see if I could grow from seeds that I found in bud from a dispensary. Well, its working, so i’m investing more time and money into this project.

I’m on Day 29 of this awesome experiment and I think I may have messed up…well i know I did lol. 11 days ago I repotted my plant from a small pot to a 3gal plastic pot i got from Lowes. Everything was fine until a few days later when I needed to water and added Fox Farm Big Bloom Plant Food for the first time. I noticed there was no water being drained and coming out of the bottom pot, I also noticed that the soil was very soggy. This past Saturday I noticed a few of my leaves started to curl down and couple of the big leaves have burnt tips. I took a deeper look at the pot and noticed there were no holes at the bottom of the pot and you basically had to drill holes in them (who makes a flower pot where you have to drill your own drainage holes?). Once I did all of the water that I put into it was pouring right out of it.

The plant is still growing and new leaves are still forming but some of my older/bigger leaves are drooping and some have burnt tips.I found one small leaf that has a burned hole in the middle. By reading other topics, i’m guessing this is caused by nute burn? This is where I need help at, clearly my plant is over watered. Do you think that it will recover from being over watered and basically drowned in nutes and water or will it just deteriorate over time? Can I cut the bad leaves off? Is there anything I can do to fix the droopy leaves? Any help is grateful to save and recover my plant I put time money and effort into for the last month lol.

Strain:Layer Cake
Soil: Fox Farm Ocean Forest
Indoor in a grow tent

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She’s already looking better with holes in the container. She will recover just fine, just allow some dryer periods in between watering and you’re doing great. May want to invest in more light next grow if this becomes serious.
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Your plant should recover from the overwatering.

Are you measuring the pH of your water and or nute solution just before giving it to the plant?

Yes I mixed 6tsp in a gallon of water. I only used about half gallon of the solution.

What was the pH? Are you using a quality meter?

Ph reading was at an 8. I got one of those 3 in 1 readers from Amazon For like $15. Had good ratings but not sure about the quality

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Those prong style meters are not worth the money. A dedicated ph meter can be found for $20-$50. It’s well worth it.

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First of all, welcome to the forum. And yes, your plant will recover, she looks strong. Glad you caught the no holes bs though… I’m guessing was a swamp land? No matter, she will dry out, and perk up. Actually these babies are hard to kill, unless you nute burn them to death. Curling downward with burnt brown tips and sides on leaves is nutes burning, as well as wilting. But your plant looks well enough to survive this, just temporarily stop nute feeding, since you have backed up the nutes in the soil by flooding. When it dries out, just give water, no nutes.
Let the plant eat off the backed up nutes that has occurred. Um, I’d say no nutes for the next 2 shots of watering times, that should be enough to absorb the backed up nutes. Do it this way, and your Girl will trust you better.
That is how you should fix this problem. If you want it fixed.

Or you can do it this way… (Might cause more water damage) You can Flush the Nutes out of your plant, now that you have drainage holes.
If you choose to do it this way,
1: Pour 3 Gallons of water through your plants soil, and allow to fully drain and dry out. This will wash off all the nutes from your roots. Allowing them to be nute free and no longer being further burned. After dried, skip the next nute feeding schedule. Just add water. This will eradicate your plants nute burn problem.
Listen don’t beat yourself up over making a mistake, we all make them ok, that’s how we learn. And again welcome to a fabulous forum, where everyone cares.
Happy Grow & heavy Harvest.