Beginner with acid problems

You want something more like this…

Actually there is a 50 dollar version I meant to link to


I don’t know if I’m too late here, but I had the same problem @Tula and it cost me like 4 months as I did not have the right meter. Worm is right you can get that for $50, it’s worth every penny. I went thru 3 cheapies before I could cough up that $50 and this is one item it just doesn’t pay to even try to cheap out on. Idk if you read my whole thread but it was like a nightmare and the plants would have been trashed had it not been for all the help I got identifying and fixing my problems, as well as a ton of moral support. You will do well here, it’s like ask for help and you will receive it. And these people know what they are doing, seriously. They are amazing. And, you know what? We will be amazing, too.

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@DebbieM thank you for the kind words. I invested in a REAL ph tester and YES it was worth it. I’m just thankful that, through all of my bumbling, I may actually get a decent harvest. Nothing near what you guys are doing, but a little at least. This forum has been a life saver!!
Never even saw a marijuana plant before I planted these. I’ve been reading and hoping!


Reading, hoping and praying to the Canna-Gods has been working well. You’ll be there in no time. I may have a good 1/4 ounce out of my first plant (which sounds really sad but if you saw everything that poor girl went through you’d agree it’s a miracle LOL).

Thankfully we learn quick and the plants don’t seem to mind a little abuse. I’m sure your yield will impress you just as much as my 1/4 is gonna impress the heck out of me. My best piece of advice though is to do the math on your plant’s life stages and get the next round rolling while the girls are on their end-of-life support :rofl:


I’m actually just reading this as I’ve FINALLY figured out how to post and answer stuff.

Yes. I was talking about the yellowing in the center. I had no idea it was normal!!! :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2: