Beginner with acid problems

HELP!!! I’m a first-time grower, and my plants were doing really well. Then, they started yellowing from the inside of the leaf going outward. I did a little research and tested the ph of my soil….THE ACID LEVEL IS THROUGH THE ROOF!!! I have tried everything: I used only high quality soil, distilled water, lime, bat guano, worm castings, ph balanced nutrients, etc. but can’t get the acid level down!! Nothing works! What am I doing wrong?

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A lot of the stuff you mention is high acid. Get ph up

When you mix up your feed. You gotta ph test it. Everytime. And then correct the ph with either up or down.

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What is the soil you are using?

Acid level = pH. What was your pH?

How old are the plant(s)? Pictures would be helpful.

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I’ve been using PH UP, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I used garden lime as it is supposed to lower the acidity. I have no idea why nothing is working!

I use a mixture of black cow, peat moss, loose potting soil, fish bone meal, bat guano, and blood meal. Mature plants….see pictures. The last picture is a clone…not mature.

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Whats your ph going in?

What exactly are you using to test your Ph??

Ph is fine at first; between 6&7.

Same question I have.

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The diff between 6 and 7 is huge. A factor or 10 I believe. What divice are you using to measure?

Ok I was afraid of that. Ignore that … and get yourself a proper ph pen by Aperia Ph 20 or better. This is one thing you dont want to go too cheep as it could cost an intire crop and a crap load of aggravation.


Ok. Sounds easy enough. But……if the ph is ok, why the yellowing?

Are you talking about the yellowing on the new growth that is normal

The problem is we dont know the Ph of the runoff or soil. The yellowing could be a lot of things, I expect better eyes will chime in. She looks pretty good to me the yellowing not sure of. Could be just new grouth.

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Yea those things dont work at all

My experience is those don’t work at all.

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Am with you, I typically stay away when I see bad advice.

LOL, me too. No idea what the real pH is with that device, the only thing that really works on those 3-1 meters is the moisture meter (and not even very well compared to a good moisture meter).