Beginner with a 3 x 3 tent and 400HPS air cooled light

I would really appreciate any advice I can get here, and thank you in advance. I am brand new at this, but have general gardening experience outdoors. I bought a 3 X 3 tent, and a 400 HPS light that is air cooled.

  1. Can I have my duct just open to the room? I don’t have a window close to the grow area, and I don’t want to cut a hole into the floor (not even possible to cut a hole into the ceiling) to vent. I am not worried about heating up the room too much; I have a window AC in the room. It’s possible I guess to make another opening in the outside wall of the gas water heater area, but I would probably need to hire someone to do that. Any ideas?

  2. I am only planning to grow 3 - 4 plants at a time. Is my 400 watt HPS light sufficient for this? Should I space the plants out or put them all in the center? I am planning to use 5 gallon dirt pots with Sungrow SUGRPG soil.

  3. I plan to start my seeds in rapid rooter plugs with a heat mat and humidity dome. What kind of light do I need to give the seeds to sprout? Do I just transplant when the roots come out the bottom of the plugs?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I am so looking forward to this new hobby that has such awesome rewards! My first batch will be using White Widow fem seeds. Thanks again all.

I missed this post completely. Looks like it was posted right before the forum went down due to Server issues in Dec.

I amoving it to the proper area for you to get support. :slight_smile: