Beginner Wilting Issues


My 4 Autos are 5 weeks old growing in 5 gallon pots with coco loco and kind soil, no nutes. I am not sure if I am over or under watering, or is it that I need more CO2 for a 4X4 tent? The humidity is only about 35% don’t know if that is part of the problem. With a knuckle into the dirt it always feels dry, I try to go a couple of days between watering but sometimes they look better after watering and sometimes worse. I have be sticking a water meter into the center base of the pot and it is saying it is wet but the plants just keep deteriorating , confused. The sickest looking one is the white widow on back right, leaves and stems sagging so I thought it needed water but it just looks worse, any suggestions would be helpful thanks much!! The two in the front are both Gorilla Glue and both have a lot of definition to their leaves, not sure if that mean too much or not enough water. IMG_3011|666x500

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I forgot to mention I have been bad about watering the entire medium. I have pretty much been watering around the stalk and I am wondering if the outside roots need water and the inside roots are in water? Hmm, damn…

I also have used scale to wait until it is back at original dry weight but doesn’t seem to be working.

It almost looks like a Cal-Mg deficiency…leaning more to a Mg deficiency.

@mrpeat Kind Soil make it very clear not to add any nutrients, you could be right, I may set up a 1 gallon cal-mag and water mix and try it on one, thanks much!

I don’t know anything about Kind Soil but I doubt it can contain enough Cal-Mg the entire time and not enough in water either or it wouldn’t be sold on the open market.

I actually decided to get some Cal-Mg as our tap water tastes so much better right now. Even coming out clear off the tap instead of the brownish color.

Hey @sloftus
When you water does it start coming out the bottom quickly?

I’m running kind soil right now. How much water are you giving at a time? Shouldn’t need watering every couple days. A knuckle in a few inches in the dirt won’t tell you if the bottom is dry or not. What kind of water (RO, tap, distilled) are you using. If tap, are you ph’ing the water? If so, what are you using to adjust the ph?

@Spiney_norman @MrPeat @Spiney_norman
With Rootkiller pots and kindsoil there is no run off, that would deplete the kindsoil nutrients. I measure 2 cups of water max each watering, if more needed by the weight of the pots and looking at them I will give them more.

Im watering 64oz every three days
Similar sized…maybe even a bit less foliage.

It is recommended to run 6.3 to 7 PH. I carbon filter in then use natural citric acid to bring home PH down. The knuckle down for this medium doesn’t seem to work, the water rushes to the bottom to quickly.

I’m close to @Spiney_norman, I give about 70oz every 4 days

It’s supposed to, it will wick to the bottom. A few cups of water isn’t enough for a 5 gallon pot

They drink a LOT during the early flower stage

Looks like under/over watering issues. Could be root issues. It’s really hard to tell from one blurple pic.

I don’t see any magnesium issues, but once again blurple.

While it’s not recommended to add any nutes to kind soil, one can foliar spray calcium or magnesium. :+1:

@Drinkslinger I said Mg because those are some pretty veiny leaves. Maybe the blurple light is making it seem more veiny. I don’t have issues like this at all…ever.

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You’re lucky.
Over the years I’ve encountered just about everything. Still, there’s always something new to deal with. I’ve learned I’m never smarter than Mother Nature.


I believe you are under watering since you said only 2-3 cups. Plants that size in 5 gallon pots will take .5 - 1 gallon of water each time. Depending on airflow and medium, you could do that every 2-4 days.

@VTGROW @Drinkslinger @MrPeat @Spiney_norman @Bobbydigital Thanks folks. I was so Leary about overwatering that I was too conservative. I put 3 cups in each yesterday and all have improved today so under watering for sure is a problem. One would think if thirsty after watering I would see improvement but that was seldom the case so I went in the other direction , I am going to continue with cal-mag to see if I can get rid of the yellow leaves, thanks much!

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Glad you got it solved.
Just fyi, I give my plants 64oz, or 8 cups, of water every 3 to 4 days in 3 gallon pots and have zero runoff.
Dont be afraid to give them a good drink. I know you dont want to have run off in your kind soil, but just a little bit one time will tell you how much water you need. You want your plants to thrive, not just live.
BTW,To water in cloth pots you should give a bit then wait a little and give more so it can absorb into the soil and not just run out the sides. Watch the leaves for a few days until you start to see a little droop and now you have your watering time.

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