Beginner white widow need a lil guidance


have 2 white widow seedlings in solo cups under 300w led in 24×48×60 tent. the light is 7 or 8 inches from seedlings at 77 degrees farinhight. they aren’t burning. it’s the 3rd day sense they have sprouted. am I on the right path? the are in fox farm ocean forest smart naturals with 25% perlite. how often should I water? and I would live to hear any tips or advice so I can keep these baby’s alive and have a successful grow.


You will want to lightly spray them - mist them 1 to 3 times a day for the first few weeks when there big enough give a nice cup that will give you run off watch your stretch pics help us determine what’s going on hope this helps



I keep plastic bags over them for humidity



You do have holes in your cups correct


Look at those pretty little things. Good start @bgnrww.


They look so cute two little babies.


I love baby pics! Looking good.


yes Hogmaster 4 in the bottom of each cup. now spraying them with water ph 6.5 a couple times a day. still have plastic bags over them for humidity. I don’t give them about 30 mins out of the bags once to twice a day. watered them today with 6.5 ph water. I tested the run off as suggested and it was 7.5. any tips or feed back would be great. will post pics in a few mins of today’s growth


@bgnrww, What I noticed with my grow, if you don’t mind. My runoff a just like your. low to mid 7’s with the ph. I misted with 6.3 ph water for a while and it stayed in the 7’s. It was only when I transplanted them is when I was able to wrangle in the ph. I watered with 6.5 ph water several times and after about a week and a half it finally lower to the correct level. That’s just how my babies started. I transplanted and thing started looking up.




day 4 still under 300w led.


Be very careful of overwatering (over-loving) at this point. You really should just be spraying a few times a day and the inside of your bag your using as a dome. AB


thank u for the heads up I will most defiantly back off the watering. I did see a lil dis coloring or light yellow on the tip of a leaf. should I be worried?


What kind of white widow seeds do you have ? Are they feminized or auto seeds ? Autos do not like to be transplanted


they are feminized, one leaf has small yellow spots has anyone seen this



Looking good and keep up the great work