Beginner weird leaf curling

My leafs are curling in and down on them self on the tops. Outdoor grow in a sunny climate but in high 70s at the moment around a month and a half old small and string plants. Moderate beginner so i have no clue to what is happening this is new to me in the last three years its never happened

That soil looks really wet and really dense… And for outdoors, it appears that they may not be getting quite enough light… just a S.W.A.G. based on the image/info you provided. Fill out this support ticket information to speed things along: :smile:

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The soil is wet from just raining.

Strain: unknown got it from some dank

Soil: outdoor unknown on, never had a problem using ground soil.

The rest no

I have thought it was lighting, I have one i got in a pot and its doing great same soil too. These plants are getting roughly 7 hours of light ive watched the light carefully i planted them right after the last froat where i live which was the 19th of April like i always do.

I’m thinking roots probably drowned out as well.