Beginner wanting to see how they look to eveyone and when can it be sexed

How is everyone been i got a couple pics of my plants i started by seed and would like to have your input about it how am i doin or what am i doing wrong and also when can it be sexed bc i have no idea and ive had lighting on it 18 on 6 off im wondering if it can be switched to 12 on 12 off now

that one lece thts got a lil brown spot us tht from having light to close or what is it

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You should put it in a bigger pot and she will take off

Still needs to be under 18 six for a few weeks usually veg around a month

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You can put it under 1212 it will just take longer for it to finish up is it a auto or Fem


@Hogmaster that i dont know man i got it out of some of what my buddy grew last year im thinking he said it was clled red dragon but i aint gonna swear to it tho


@Hogmaster is right. Get that plant into a 5 gallon fabric pot and grow some weed! You’ve already got a leg up, you’re a Buckeye! The brown spot looks like a burn from a water spot. Keep an eye on it. If it doesnt get worse or spread to other leaves, don’t sweat it. Good luck and happy growing! :sunglasses::v:

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