Beginner wanting to grow outdoors in Aussie summer


I got one in a tree… Oh Another underlights in a fridge lol…they’re both stealthy I guess, another in a broken washing machine tub ( not so stealthy )

When I think of it like that I’m kinda weird. Never occurred to me before lol. Think my journal is called, “starting late, outdoor south Australia” I think. :wink:


@Impala64 hey man. I’m in NSW too.
Yes there is. Look i don’t want to tell you on the forum, got your email now deleting that from the forum.
Ps. I got 3 on a railway line amongst Fassiferns… we’re all a bit weird @Powaforce @Impala64 @Mickanooch Actually it’s the government weird got their priorities slightly f***ed up …


Cheers @Sunflower will do