Beginner wanting to grow outdoors in Aussie summer


:wink: once it’s soaked, moist paper towelled in the ziplock with some hot breath in it. Chuck it somewhere dark and warm, eg behind TV or on ya fridge or in a draw somewhere.
Have you thought about doing a journal? Definite advantages having everybody here patting you on the back and picking up things and pointing you in the right direction. I might be able to put this into one for you if you like. Also a support ticket goes along way too.


@Jcmh the Amnesia haze can be finicky also. I plan on running an auto amnesia haze as soon as my auto mix pack arrives.


It may be a little late in the year to grow photoperiod plants outside in Australia. Try planting seedlings outdoors in November next time around. Your plants will probably go to flower in about February with harvest in late April. If you are near the tropics, you might want to grow autos so you are not a slave to the photo period.


@Countryboyjvd1971 … do you have any experience with Autos? Just looking around for people who do, as I’m just about to put 7 seeds in pots that are currently in cups of water.
With this, how long should the sprout be before putting in soil? With my very first plants i soaked 24hrs then did paper towel and got 100% success, with bushbud seeds from a friend. So looking to skip the paper towel bit this time. @Powaforce @bob31@Countryboyjvd1971 thanks :blush:


Shit @swsw1550 that’s another shame on the Marijuana “panic”. How crazy…I’m in NSW just had some sent out and all good. Thanks for the warning.


@Powaforce i just received the auto mix pack plus AK47 auto. Got here to NSW in 9 days awesome! Are you going to start a grow journal for these? I’m going to start one for mine as soon as i remember how to do it. Good luck let us know :v:


Yeah I’ll do a journal for sure. Its the only way I can remember when stuff happens lol. Journals are Easy and so helpful. Thinking of a journal title is usually the hardest bit.


I have @Sunflower

But we should do this on another topic. If you are going to grow autos lets start a grow journal

+New Topic in the upper right and we can go to town!


Thanks @bob31. Am going to start a journal shortly :grin:


Hey Bro,

This is just three weeks later - Amnesia Haze, if you notice on the tips of about three or four leaves they are starting to look burnt somehow? How do I take care of this baby?
What are your thoughts recommendations ?


the PH of the soil is 6.1. I used a complete organic fertiliser mixed into the soil. I didn’t measure it I just did it. I’m scared now that its had to much nutrients, started early to flower? Not sure if this is how its supposed to look? it looks healthy to me, but maybe I need to bring the PH up slightly? There’s just too much info on the net and I cant seem to zone in on what’s happening? Hope to hear from you soon bruva!! @Powaforce


They look great to me mate, I wouldn’t worry about a tiny but of burnt tips at this stage. Keep an eye on em but its been ridiculously hot here in SA so I’m sure your feeling the heat your way also. If its going to be superduper hot and your worried perhaps shade cloth or shade thru the beast of the day? I give mine a real good water in the mornings before a stinker of a day, even if I only watered them the night before. But remember if they’re getting extra water it can wash out more nutrients so keep an eye out for deficiencies. But overall they look cracking. In the end they’re weeds… Sweet sweet weeds :wink:


god damn narcs! they should be out catching real criminals!


@ElMaudo hey mate,what time of year is it where you are?:slight_smile: welcome to the forum aswell there are some great ppl on here,happy growing :slight_smile:


Hey mate :v:
Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, I really appreciate it!! :muscle:
I’ll do what you said!!


Beautiful plant @Jcmh well done :slight_smile: Amnesia Haze seem to be strong and quick growing. I’ve got one in the NSW bush and it’s liking that :slight_smile:
What area are you in Aus ?


Shit yeah. Busting me for half a gram of leaf which gave me a criminal conviction… I’m in total agreeance with you @Mickanooch … stay stealthy :wink:


Hay all
im in NSW and had some sent from ilgm And they didnt come but i didnt get a knock on the door. is there a stealth packaging option and any advise on strains for a gorilla grow


try aristan duck feet, stealth as! are you getting ready for next season? this years season is over for normal mj unless you do an auto?


@Mickanooch Yeah gunna organize it for next yr still have to prep site and get seeds can u recommend any posts or threads thats has done a gorilla grow out bush before cheers