Beginner wanting to grow outdoors in Aussie summer

Hi there, I’m looking for some advice. I’m a total beginner, wanting to grow an outdoor plant in summer.

Temp averages:

  • 77 - 88f highs
  • 14 - 18f lows.
    Some days can be in the 90s plus. Usually low - medium humidity and next to no rain.

Are any of the beginner seeds not suitable for these conditions? Can I just leave the plant in the pot, in the sun for most or all of the day? or should I look for an indoor space (I only really have a tin shed).

Any other things I’d really need to take care of to not waste time and money?

Any advice is greatly appreciated

I think you’ll be fine outside @ElMaudo
There’s a bunch of you guys here on the site have seen much from most of them but I’m guessing since you’ll be getting warmer everyone will start to show up again lol
I grow outdoors and indoors the shed will get to hot in the temps you posted
I suggest using soft pots or grow bags but you’ll need to water more often especially in the high temps
You’ll needed min 8 hours of direct sun light per day more would be better
So are you growing in back yard or a gorrila type grow ?


Hey thanks for the reply. I’ll just be growing in the back yard, gorilla growing will seem way too breaking bad for the missus lol.

What size soft pot / grow bag do you suggest?

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I don’t think any cannabis can survive that. Did you make a C to F conversion mistake? Or did you not convert that and really meant 14 - 18 C? 32 F is freezing point. 14 C = 57 F, which is fine.

Yes, sorry, that’s 14 - 18 Celsius not Fahrenheit. I figured these forums
were mostly US and made the conversion, just forgot to put the f numbers
for the low :frowning:

Hi @ElMaudo how are you. Where in Australia are you? I’m in SA and have just sprouted a feminized strawberry kush and a gold leaf to go with my donated unknown clone. I can’t recommend seeds from here more highly. I went from order to sprout in only a fortnight. Don’t waste that sun for another day :wink:


@ElMaudo I use 15 gal pots or larger outdoors
You can use 5 gal pots but that will limit the size of the plant you can still grow decent size plant but with the longer veg times outdoors larger is better imo
Root size equals plant hieght I also prefer the soft pot style
FYI mature plants can handle some low temps for short periods anything below 40-45 degrees f
Is where you’ll need to start watching them
Can you start them indoors if that’s possible you could start them early and put them out when temps warm up this will give you a head start for large plants :+1:


I would go with a minimum of 30 gallon grow bag, I suggest sprouting the seed in smaller container, then when ready for transplant put them in big grow bag filled with a good local organic soil.

Explore this website, get grow bible, and read all you can.

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QUEENSLAND GROWERS WARNING! Hi guys, if anyone in Queensland buys seeds and they do not show up be careful, Customs is right on to it big time in QLD, they inform the local police who gets warrants to search the properties that they where marked to be sent to, i know as I just got raided today early in the morning, and I live in the bush 40min to nearest city, police drove for 31/2 hours to get to my place. So be warned if you live in QLD, do not buy seeds and get them sent to this state.

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Bummer! If you can buy pretty good weed with seeds in it, you could plant them. Use all the techniques here and grow only females and it will be even better than what you had originally. You don’t get selected genes, but you will probably get some pretty good stuff.


Hi guys,

My plant is has started to sprout but for some reason it doesn’t look like what I expected? Is there something wrong or is it going to be ok?

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Nice eucalyptus plants bro :wink:


Seriously :expressionless:

How did that happen?

Back to the start again then I guess?

Lol just stirring ya bud.

Give em a fortnight, you’ll know. What strain are they meant to be?

Ah I think you were right, the seed was black and dead when I looked I’ve ripped it out now anyways. I crushed it and it definitely smelled like eucalyptus. But now you’ve made me second guess!?!? Lol :joy:
It’s all good I just planted a new seed now got some good soil seeding mix and mixed in a bit of organic fertiliser hopefully this one grows proper leaves ?

Lol. Have you soaked the seed for 24 hours first then in moist papertowel in a ziplock bag with a breath of air in it to pillow it a little? If you haven’t I’d suggest that. It’ll speed up germination and I’m 100% germing that way. What strain you growing?

I’m doing what you said now! :v:️ It’s a feminized amnesia haze from the dam! I bought five seeds and I’m on my last two now so I’m hoping they’ll grow!!
They are germinating lovely now :grin:

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