Beginner,wanting some advice on lighting and venting ob my new tent,

Im Homeychicken, New to most all of this, I think I’m ready to upgrade to some better lights, I don’t understand ALOT of tech talk but, I have confidence in everyone in this community, Thanks for letting me be a part of it! I, m about done with my second grow with 3 or 4 of them Amazon 1000 watts 2000 watt lights for under a 100$,I’m only getting 2,3,o,s per plt.Ive got a new tent, haven’t got vent yet, and am thinking about some better lights, can spend a little maybe up to 1000,my tent is 4x4,could use some advise on vent to. Want them big nasty nugs.


You need @dbrn32 and his HLG expertise. Welcome and enjoy


You can get two qb 260 xl kits in r-spec for around $700. Would probably be my first choice if looking for good value. If you look around the web there are some discount codes available too.


@Homeychicken Yes wait for @dbrn32 to response he has helped me out with lights for my grow.Good lights are important in a grow last one i harvested got 4oz off a auto flower

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Thanks @dbrn32,I appreciate the quick response, I.m going to look for some codes, and should I order straight from Hlg,and would you have some advise on a exhaust fan.

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Ac infinity s6 is fan I would probably blindly recommend. If you have any special circumstances maybe would go with something else?

I would order from hlg or one of the authorized retailers listed on their website. whoever has them in stock.

@dbrn32 hi man I can’t find my journal iv looked for two days now? I can’t work without it

This one?

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Hey@bobbydigital@dbrn,Wanted to thank you all go helping Get set up for my 2 real try at this, I finally figured out how to send a picture and I.m about done with the blurbies and guess work,Goot my new 260 rspecs together ,Got tent s6 a infinity ,ready to go for my gsc next, Wanted your opinions whether this is ready!

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It’s california dream, Got 2 goldleaf too haven’t tried to get a picture of them yet, my camera, s not very good either

or do I need better pics, @dbrn32@bobbydigital

It looks close, but you would want to chech trichomes under magnification to know for sure.