Beginner Ventilation help

Hey guys Just a question about ventilation I’ve only really grown outdoors now I’m trying indoors. I only grow for my brother he has a lot of health problems.
I have a 5x5x6.6 tent using 2 Mars hydro tsl 2000 and 2 ts 1000 led lights. I have 3 oscillating fans I don’t know anything about exhaust fans I talked to a guy at my local hydro shop he sold me a centrifugal fan rated 342cfm and carbon filter 270cfm he told me to use it when the lights are on but it nearly killed my plants since I’ve turned it off the plants have improved humidity is my biggest problem.
I was thinking of getting a Ac infinity cloudline t6 I need help with how to use it and if the carbon filter I already have would work with it. The ducting is only about 1 metre in a straight line.

Yeah you got the right idea , follow that road cloudline 6

Make sure your carbon filter cfm max is higher that your fan cfm though. You don’t want to be messing up your carbon filter and reducing your air flow.

I have a cloudline 6 and ordered a new carbon filter.which is 550 cfm the cloudiness at max draws just over 400 cfm. That way you have no issues. Even at max your carbon filter won’t hinder your fan. I have a single ended air cooled 1000w hps I use so I hook carbon filter>hood>fan>outside.