Beginner using Aerogarden

Could someone point me in the right direction for the basic setup and care for using an Aerogarden? I have the Bounty Basic. Thanks in advance!


Welcome to ILGM forum. I can’t really help out with your question about Aerogarden. You may want to use search feature. Just type in keywords and check for posting covering what you are looking for.

I use aeorponics to clone. What ya looking for?

I ended up buying the full grow tent setup. I took my aerogarden back to the store lol

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Best wishes for your grow!

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Welcome to the forum!

I have no answer for you but want to follow as aeroponics is intriguing to me as a next level step on my grows. I am using AutoPot system and they keep saying they are developing aeroponic system. My thought is that it will use less water and be more efficient. Please update here on what you might try or learn. You might end up being a subject matter expert on all things aeroponic.

Just caught up with this topic and thought you guys might enjoy my grow journal @Kikigee and @msnae2u

Good luck on your growing.

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