Beginner trying to set up a grow tent. Will this work?

I have a tent that was originally a bed bug tent. Yes I once had bed bugs. To save our furniture, I bought a heat tent which is about 4’ x 9’ and 6ft tall. It looks just like a grow tent you can buy on amazon except the inlets are on the bottom. Well the bed bugs are history and I have this tent I paid almost $1500 for. I also have 2 400 watt mh light fixture with the bulbs. They are warehouse lights that have round reflectors and the bulbs are vertical rather than horizontal. I am able to buy one LED light right now which I thought I’d buy a 450 LED from amazon. I haven’t ordered my seeds yet but I thought I would buy the beginner pack with maybe some gold leaf and Blue Dream. I was thinking (mostly hoping) that I could grow 8 plants (4 white widow, 2 gold leaf and 2 Blue Dream) with this setup on my first grow. Do you guys think this would work? Do you have any suggestions? I’ve been reading through the forum and see how you guys have helped other first time growers. Can you help me? I would really appreciate it.

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Welcome to ILGM.

You will have to do some fabrication and install reflective white plastic or mylar.

Your MH lamps are called “high bay” lamps. They work great for veg. Might take up too much head room.

1 LED is only going to cover about 3’x4’, so you will have to possibly do an LST or SCROG grow.

You can do it; It is just going to take some ingenuity. :slight_smile:


Thanks @latewood
The tent is called a Zapp Bug. It already has reflective material inside. Maybe I should buy 2 Leds?

Also should I buy a $45 ph tester or will a$15 tester from amazon do?

That is one expensive tent :slight_smile:

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Yes @latewood but I already have it and I cant sell it so I figured I might as well re-purpose.


My High bay Lights look like this:

But I was thinking I could add a reflector like this one below and turn my light 90 degrees

I’m just worried about the heat

the ballast gets hot I have a similar old one like it and did add reflector so i could get it out of my grow space have since gone to LEC lights but still have it as a back up and got it free from a mill shut down