Beginner troubleshooting

Spider Farm LED tent set up
Day 63- checked my 2 girls & I think one is flowering.
1st grow, I do have an issue I’m worried about. On 3/26 while LST one of my branches SPLIT! I put honey on, wrapped with piece of paper towel then took piece of vet wrap/bandage & taped up best I could. I misted, watered. I’ve been giving Grow Big & Big Bloom (1/2 dosage) once a week, the other waterings have been distilled water only.
I just changed timer to 12/12.
Any advice is appreciated!

They look good. Keep doing what you are doing. Not much you can do about a broken stem other than what you have already done.


Yup she’s starting to flower. As for the split, you’ve done what you can.
I would stop the big grow, and go with bloom fertilizer. Time to cut down on the nitrogen.
But plant looks ok.
Stress, it’s not just for plants. We get it too!


Just starting to pre-flower. :+1:

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