Beginner Suggestions?


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“Hi this is my first time looking into growing and I’m looking into buying your beginner pack but I would like to know what else like pot soil ect would I need”


I’m relatively new myself but all of my acquaintances are hobby growers or grow for personal use, so I have been around it a lot and have picked up a little here and there. I just started my first personal grow of girl scout cookies extreme purchased right here from ILGM. If you are 100% new and want to get a wealth of knowledge you have come to the right place. I highly recommend the grow course with VIP support, I bought it and let me tell you the help and knowledge in the course and forums is absolutely amazing. Everyone in the forums is very knowledgeable and has helped me quite a bit. As far as pots, soil, and everything else I can give you some tips and pointers on what I am using and what my friends are using and have used in the past. For my setup I am using a 3x3 viparspectra grow tent because I am limited on space and 4x4 would not fit in my allotted area and was too tall for my ceilings. I am also running a 900w viparspectra reflector series LED light. For ventillation I am running two 240 cfm vivosun duct fans, but I highly recommend you get 440 cfm fans with speed controllers, I will be purchasing that this week. If smell will be an issue, which it is for me, I recommend a carbon filter. The one I use is also by vivosun, and is recommended to be changed every 6 harvests. They’re not too incredibly expensive, so 6 harvests is decent longevity for a single filter. For pots I am using fabric cloth pots, and I think most everyone else is as well. It helps to aerate the roots. Soil is kind of a tricky question, everyone has their preferences, but you can’t go wrong with anything from fox farm. Their seed starter is popular among all of my friends, and they use a mixture of happy frog and ocean forest after transplanting. They all have differing setups, ranging from larger full room grows with MH and HPS lighting, some use COB LED lights, others use solely fluorescent lighting but I recommend a decent MH and HPS setup, or a LED for the money and current draw. But I definitely recommend the grow course, for the support it is WELL worth the investment. Happy growing!


Well said @stratos934


Much appreciated @Covertgrower I am learning a lot from the forums and pros.