Beginner starting with autos advice pleas

Has anyone used gaia green living soil and the gaia green all purpose 4-4-4 and bloom 2-8-4 with 30% worm castings 30%perilite added to soil with Myco+. Trying to run three pluto cut auto fems five gallon fabric pots. Mars hydro 1000 watt led in 2.3x2.3x63 tent. Any suggestions before I start. I would like to keep lights as close as I can throughout all stages of growth for short plants fat buds.

Yup those numbers are almost identical to my dry amendments from down to earth I’ll send you over Here where I posted a feeding guide you may need a little bloodmeal but the castings might compensate tho as for the light follow par guide for 200-300 first week 300-500 early veg 400-700 for late veg and I didn’t flower with my Mars hydro but I’d shoot for 600-900 water wise spritz 2-3 times twice a day first week (2 max ) then I’d water them half a gallon water each phed to 6.5 for soil then let them dry for 5-6 days each watering oh that’s assuming you’re working in 5 gallon pots

Yeah I’m going to follow the directions per gallon for the gaia green amendments and the Myco+ I am adding to the soil as well. I’m going to just use water and top dress with the bloom and all purpose. Only nite I will be trying is signal terpene support 0-0-3.1 flower boost hardner only on one plant and only a quarter of the recommended. I can keep my tent at seventy plus minus five and humidity plus minus about five from RH I shoot for.

Ok but I recommend at least adding molasses to your water starting week 3 you want to keep microbe density high if you top dressing with autos

I will be using five gallon fabric pots looking at saucers right now. Do you have a preferred molasses and method of using it. That grow looks amazing for a first time. I’ll put up add some pics when I get everything set up.

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That’s what I use good reviews did it’s job well and just blackstrap 1/2 Tbsp mixed in with every watering

So far I have a five pack of pots that came with the rent. I just don’t know what size saucers to get until I fill them up. Have you had to run a dehumidifier my tent will drop to 35 lowest. I can keep the humidity at 60 to 72% and 45 to 60% is even easier to keep it at. I am trying to look at all the variables before I commit. Two six inch clip fans and a humidifier in the tent with filter and fan.

I have also been looking into Co2.

You don’t need c02 if you have half decent ventilation even for a 4x4 tent as for humidity no heres a chart but most of the time (especially during winter) I have to run a humidifier non stop but I did run a rather disappointing dehumidifier for 1 day my last grow